Saturday, December 17, 2005

Shower Curtains Can Give Your Bathroom A Quick And Easy Makeover!

Bathroom shower curtains offer an affordable way to instantly freshen up a dull looking bathroom. As well as looking nice, shower curtains have the practical function of preventing water spraying out of the tub and soaking the surrounding bathroom fixtures. Installing a curtain is very easy, using rings or hooks to suspend it from a rod. Spring loaded rods can be held in place between two walls without the need for drilling holes in your tiles. This is particularly good if your shower curtain is just a temporary solution until you fit a shower enclosure.

Shower curtains are made from several different sorts of washable fabrics, including cotton, polyester and plastic. Most are water resistant, but if not a waterproofed liner can easily be attached. Some come with weighted hems to help hold them in position. Although not as sturdy as glass shower enclosures, curtains can be very effective with electric showers, though the force of water spray from power showers may be too strong for a fabric curtain to prevent leaks. In that case you may want to look at folding or sliding shower doors to ensure your bathroom cabinets and vanity unit don’t get soaked.

Fitting a shower curtain can instantly change the appearance of your bathroom. Curtains for showers come a huge variety of designs and colors, from polka dots and stripes to plaid, Waverly toile or tropical Hawaiian prints. If you’ve got a specific theme to your decor, you should be able to find a design to fit in. Aquatic, nautical and beach themed curtains are very popular. For kids, colorful prints of dolphins, frogs and rubber ducks are a favorite. You could add a touch of elegance or a splash of fun to your shower times with your choice of curtain.

Bathtub and shower stall curtains are a cheap but effective way to smarten up your bathroom and give it a vibrant new look.

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