Monday, April 03, 2006

How to Organize Your Cabinets - Containers

I just did my Tupperware cabinet last weekend. I can tell you exactly what I did and you can determine if this system will work for you.

Pull EVERYTHING out of the cabinet. Wipe down the cabinet while it's empty.

Look through your pile and determine what pieces you never use. Don't put them back. Put them in a bag and donate them to Good Will, Salvation Army or sell them on eBay.

Look through your pile again and seperate the items into two more piles. One pile is the items you use all the time. One pile is the items you want to keep, but only use occasionally.

Go through each pile, examine each item and find its matching lid. If anything is damaged or missing a lid, write down the tiny numbers from the bottom of the Tupperware piece along with a description of the item.

Starting with the occasional use items, stack them the best way possible and put them away. Since these are only occasional use items, they can go in the back of the cabinet. Keep the lids seperate. (You can stack more together without the lids.) Then put away the often used items closer to the front of the cabinet. Again, keep the lids seperate.

Either use one or two pieces of Tupperware to hold the lids or order The Place For(tm) Seals. Contact your Tupperware rep with your list of items that are damaged or missing lids (only Tupperware brand, of course) and they can get you replacements.

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