Thursday, March 01, 2007

New Deck Railings Ideas

Ideas For Deck Railing – Only Limitation Is imagination

The article gives imaginative solutions for decking in your house and surroundings. The only limitation in the design is the imagination and the spending power of the owner.

Your decking is a place for your social functions, BBQ parties, a place where you can enjoy nature, and an open space for you where you can be romantic. Depending on the space you have for decking, you can have flowing lines without any acute angles. The general ideas that you will have to remember in such cases are,

Ensure that the space is as open as possible, and without the gaps. A large continuous space is more inviting than two separate spaces even though they total the same area in square feet.

The deck should have a number of accesses points nearly every 20 to 25 feet. An open space with access at limited spaces feels like a congested place even if the area is large.

The deck railing of modern houses have to be flowing and without sharp corners and acute angles. An acute angle is acts like a break in the flowing lines. Decking railing meting at an acute angle is just not acceptable unless space requirement demands it.

Modern Materials Of Construction For Deck Railing

Any material that has shine and luster, and requires minimum maintenance (like painting or polishing) is the material for modern decking. That leaves the wood in its raw form as the modern material for deck railing. The wood being prone to deterioration to forces of nature is not an ideal material for decking railing. Wood also is not a material that takes flowing form without requiring large human input. Stainless steel, Powder coated steel, anodizes aluminum, or steel coated with PVC fill this requirement perfectly. Depending the money at the disposal of owner, the choices can be exercised.

Care For Handicapped – Install Special Railings

While installing the deck railing, it is always necessary to care for the handicapped, irrespective of the extent of the handicap.This would mean that the approaches to all the platforms shall be gradual and the side deck railings should be such that the persons with special needs can come to the deck and exit the deck without help from others and they can do it safely. That means that the deck railing in the area of approach and exit should be designed for persons with special needs.

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