Monday, July 23, 2007

Awning - A Great Home Or Business Feature

An awning is actually a type of canopy, typically made from canvas. You will find awnings used on houses, mobile homes, RVs, and businesses to help protect an area such as a porch or deck from sunshine and rain. In addition, most awning designs actually block out harmful UV rays from the sun. The benefit here is that furniture, carpeting, wall paint, and artwork does not fade from direct sunlight. However, the protection an awning provides, helping to keep heat outside, people notice the monthly utility bill decreasing.

Just as many features for a home or business, awnings are available in many different options. For example, you could choose a complete awning that runs the entire length of your deck or patio or if you prefer, a smaller awning that might keep sunlight off the front door. Many awnings are so thick and well made that they also provide some level of protection from snow and cold wind. In this case, you might consider adding a chimera for warmth while still being able to enjoy the outside.

In addition to various sizes, awnings also come in a huge selection of designs and prices. For example, a simple awning could cost between $250 and $400 while a motorized awning could be $3,000 or more. Before you make your final decision, we suggest you do some shopping locally, as well as check some of the online resources. Chances are that you will find a number of awnings you like. Although local sales are always possible, online websites could be the way to go for saving money.

If you think you want to add an awning to your home or business, you might invest in having it professionally installed. Although you could probably do some awning installations, generally the job is a little more difficult than it looks. One word of advice – check companies that offer free installation. While the price might be slightly higher, when comparing with a company that charges for both the awning and installation, you might save.

Then, there is the variety of colors and designs. The nice aspect here is that you can create any look you want while enhancing your home or business. If you want a sophisticated look, perfect for entertaining friends, then a white or taupe and white striped awning would be gorgeous. However, if you want an awning simply to coordinate with the house, you will find all types of colors and patterns from which to choose.

Awnings are also made with many unique features. An exceptional choice is the retractable awning. With this, you can crank or push an automatic button and the awning rolls up and out of sight. When ready to escape the heat, sun, or rain, you would simply go through the reverse process. The benefit with this feature is that if a storm brews and the wind picks up, the awning can be pulled in to avoid damage.

Remember, in addition to adding an awning over your deck or patio, you can also add them over a door, window, balcony, or terrace. Immediately, the appearance of your home will be improved without blocking out any beautiful views. Considering there are literally thousands of companies making and selling awnings, finding a deal and the right design is not difficult.

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