Saturday, December 15, 2007

Building an Arbor

It may be difficult to believe, but building an arbor for your landscape can actually be quite inexpensive. If you keep the arbor small, to a two-post size, you can have a very attractive landscape feature for a small cost. Even the novice landscaper can build a small arbor without too much trouble in about two days (three at the most). It can be a very rewarding project that provides a sophisticated sense of beauty to your over all landscape design.

Essential to building your arbor is thinking of it as five distinct phases. This will help you break the project down into doable goals and help you accomplish the task better. Breaking projects down into sections also aids the landscaper, as he or she will find that the task does not seem so daunting when done in bite-sized pieces. Additionally, a sense of accomplishment at the end of each stage can help the landscaper stay motivated throughout the project.

The first layer is to prepare the site for concrete placed under ground to secure the structure. In order to lay the concrete, you need to first get some things out of the way. Dig two holes where you want the posts to stand. The holes should be one inch wide and three inches deep. Put half an inch of gravel or crushed stone inside the holes. This will help water drain away, preventing cracks in the concrete. Set one post in each hole and lay a board on top of them. Use a carpenter's level to determine whether or not your posts are standing at equal heights. Adjust, if necessary, until the level shows that your posts are equal in height. You can use scrap lumber, nailed to the posts, to form temporary stabilizers.

The second layer is anchoring your arbor posts (they should be 4×4 posts) into the concrete. Before doing this, check again for equality in height with the stabilizers in place and make your adjustments to the stabilizers to adjust the height. Next, mix your concrete using concrete mix and water from a garden hose in a wheelbarrow

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