Monday, December 29, 2008

How to Keep Your Bathroom Looking Showroom Perfect

Those beautiful bathrooms you see in fancy kitchen and bath showroom stores that feature elegant crystal clear glass shower doors, polished fixtures, imported tile and marble always look spotlessly clean. How do they do it?

In your bath at home it's probably a different story. Having unsightly water spots everywhere, like your glass shower doors, walls, fixtures, and mirrors, can leave your bath looking embarrassingly unpresentable all the time.

Well, believe it or not, there is an easy way to keep your bath looking "showroom-perfect" all the time. Best of all, it does not take the employment of a full-time cleaning staff or a huge amount of special effort. The trick is to squeegee the glass shower doors, tile, marble, and mirrors immediately after bathing, while the surfaces and you are still wet. The procedure takes just seconds and helps you avoid a huge cleanup job later. And, secret be known, it's kind of fun kidding!

The only thing you have to remember to do after squeegeeing is to leave the squeegee in the bath so it is handy to reach the next time you need it. I know what you are thinking....isn't leaving an ugly industrial-looking squeegee in the bath kind of like trading one problem for another? No wants to leave an unattractive squeegee in the bath....right? No worry, there is one squeegee which has been specifically designed for the bath and it's a beauty. It is known simply as the Clerét Bath Squeegee. It is very unique in appearance – not the typical t-shape, janitorial-looking squeegees found everywhere – and it almost looks like a statue when stored in the bath because you can stand it on end. Very cool!

Let's talk function: one swipe of the Clerét Bath Squeegee shows why it was awarded the Gold Medal for Design Excellence and selected as Consumer Product Of The Year by the Industrial Designers Society of America. What's really neat about this product is that unlike regular window type squeegees, it has two super-soft wiping blades that work on both flat and textured/contoured surfaces, providing incredible streak-free cleaning. In addition, its clever, compact form allows one to reach difficult corners. And last but not least, it has been ergonomically designed to reduce the strain on the hand and wrist.

So the next time you see one of those fancy bath setups you'll know how they keep everything so clean! AC-0003

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Al Hansen heads Cleret, Inc., where you can buy the best squeegees for your home, car, boat, and more online. Visit Cleret today at to learn more about the squeegees' unique design and to buy a set for yourself or a friend.

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