Thursday, November 19, 2009

NXT Unbreakable Sun Lenses

Before the creation of NXT, optical lenses such as sunglasses were not impact resistance. And could cause serious injury to your eyes if the lenses were to crack or shatter.

Now with a breakthrough in technology, there is a universal solution for the optical market. NXT is made of soft, flexialbe and comes with a shatterproof guarantee. It protects the eyes from impacts, cuts, scratches, chemical and atmospheric agents.

"NXT is the greatest innovation in the past 40 years in the field of unbreakable transparent optical polymers."

What is NXT made of?

The patented NXT technology was originally developed by Simula Technologies in the early 1990's but only for military use. The military need a material that was: transparent, lightweight and bullet proof and more superior than Polycarbonate.

In 1996 Simula Technologies partnered further develop this material and called it NXT. This technology was specifically aimed at optical uses.

Today NXT is a proven new material with its own brand, and has become the new reference for unbreakable and transparent plastic sun lenses:

Charactistics of NXT

Transparent and clear
Optically superior
Easily worked without cracking
Stable over time
Solvent resistant

Some Advantages

NXT can be thermoformed, dye cut, pressure fastened, punched, riveted, slung grooved; all this without causing the material to be brittle.

The traditionally materials used for sunglass lenses all incurred similar problems called "Stress Cracking." It is caused when screws were inserted into the lens. Stress cracking can be insidious because cracks can appear after the production has ended which leads to defected products.

NXT is the first and only optical polymer available in two formats regular and soft; and is the first sun lens that can be folded without breakage or cracking.

The second variation of NXT is called NXTSoft which is obtained through a chemical modification of the original formula.

Lenses made of NXTSoft can be found on our website and is exclusive to our brand range of sunglasses and optical lenses.

NXTSoft has made it possible for rimless sunglasses to be worn during various physical activities without the risk of scratching or hurting the face in case of accidental collision thus making it one of the safest sun lenses in the world.

If you have any more question about NXT please contact us via our email form on our website at

We are more than happy to answer any of your questions.

About The Author
Benjamin Teo works with a distributor of NXT lenses for Australia & New Zealand. One of his roles involves educating retailers on the benefits of NXT and the many different uses. One particular use of NXT is in Sunglasses. He works alongside Beauvision of Australia and the retail market. You can find their website at



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