Saturday, November 06, 2010

Concentration is the Key

Have you ever been working on something and just feel mentally exhausted? Becoming frustrated because you just cannot think properly is common to all humans. Few people realize though that its just like going for a run. When you reach the point of exhaustion, pushing yourself a little bit further allows you to build your muscles and increase stamina. Well your brain is exactly the same. Next time you reach that exhaustion point when thinking just push yourself a little further. Do a couple more math problems, read a couple more pages, or work for a couple more minutes. Pushing yourself beyond your capacity will only benefit your brain.

Another easy way to concentrate better is simple doing 1 thing at a time. Even though as humans we are capable of multitasking, devote your attention to one subject instead of multiple objects. It may seem too simple to be effective, but it really is a major key to being able to concentrate better. The worst enemy to your concentration is procrastination. Putting off tasks or thinking that you will just do it later affects the quality of the work that will get done. The amount of time that is added to a project is incredible when you are physically working on something but not mentally there. There are a couple ways around procrastination but one of the simplest is a series of 3 questions to ask yourself. The first question is, do I have to do this? Then ask yourself do I want it done so it's not on my mind? Finally, ask will it be easier later? After asking these questions you will find that the simple questions bring you to the conclusion that this problem is not going away until you finish it.

Studying in a good spot when trying to concentrate is a must for proper learning to occur. If you are stuck a room full of distractions it seems obvious that it will be extra hard to get anything done. Take the time to find a place where you can be free of distraction. Also plan sometime during your day to actually do what you need to. Do not just try to cram in some studying when it is convenient. It will put you under more stress and will not allow for absorption of the material in a good manner. Make sure you are also in a good mind set. Keeping your brain happy will keep you happy when you realize how much more you are able to take in.

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