Monday, December 06, 2010

Coaching Business Success Comes Faster with a Mentor

I have been working with several clients who came to me without the skills necessary to market their business. This is a very common problem because marketing skills are not something that coaching schools teach in depth nor is it their job to do so. Coaching schools have made a commitment to certify that coaches are competent in their skills as a coach. They are not there to teach you how to run a coaching business or market a coaching business.

Lack of Skills Coaching schools are chartered with the duty of teaching coaches to coach and ensuring that they reach the level of core competency required by the certifying organization. The schools usually touch on marketing but spend very little time and give only general information.

Most coaches come out of coaching school without the skills to start or market their business successfully. This is an obvious road block to success. My first suggestion is that every coach gets some education on marketing a coaching business. There are very specific skills related to marketing a service business especially one that is often as little understood as coaching. The time and money spent on this type of education will pay off many times over and will save you tons of time and money in the long run.

Find One Person and Follow Them

There are a lot of people out there teaching marketing and each of them will have a different approach because there is always more than one way to do things. It is important to find one teacher or mentor that you can relate to and follow them. If you jump from one teacher to another you will end up confused and you progress much more slowly.

Setting Up Your Business

Setting up a coaching business is the first step and you will want to get help on deciding how to structure your business legally. It is also important to create the business you want attracting the clients you want to work with. Many coaches forget to consider the environment they want to work in and how many hours they want to dedicate per week to their business.

Client Attraction

Every coach needs a system for attracting clients. There are many ways to approach client attraction and you should learn as many as possible then choose the methods that are most comfortable and effective for you. The tools include workshops, teleseminars, webinars, online marketing of all types.

You will have a far more successful business and you will reach that level of success far faster if you have a mentor or teacher who can help you. You will save time, frustration and money when you have the help of someone who has been there before you.

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