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Don't Miss Out On Warren Kimble Rugs

Warren Kimble is loved by American and has become the best loved contemporary folk artist. He combined his skills with his love of American folklore and antiques to create a line of whimsical folk art. From paintings, to ornaments, to carpets. His work is sought after and the popularity of Warren Kimble Rugs is growing quickly. Don't miss out on Warren Kimble Rugs.

In fact Warren Kimble has become America's most successful home furnishings designer generating over $100 million in sales every year. Warren continues to create new image and his rug choices also continue to grow.

A The Warren Kimble rugs collection has plenty to offer. Each style is available in a variety of sizes and there are three styles to choose from. Accent rugs, floor carpets, and comfort floor mats. These truly are a work of art!

Warren Kimble Checkers Wool Hook Rug

Checkers anyone? This 4' Warren Kimble checkers wool hook rug is perfect for a family room, rec room, or games room. Board with checkers. Not to worry it also depicts a backgammon game.

Warren Kimble Parcheesi Wool Hook Rug

Are you up for a game of Parcheesi? This wool hook rug is a perfect choice for your recreation room, or games room. This 4' fun rug will give you years of enjoyment and add a little character to your room.

Warren Kimble Chinese Checkers Wool Hook Rug

Here's another perfect choice for your rec room, family room, or games room. It's even a great choice for a child's room. 4' wool hook rug is a nice size for a room accent.

American as Apple Pie Wool Hook Rug

This delicious Warren Kimble hook rug measures 27" x 40" and would be the perfect decor for a country kitchen. Nice size gives you ample room coverage. Don't miss this one!

Horseshoe Inn Wool Hook Rug

This very folksy rug has a horse design with the Horseshoe Inn. Hook floor rug measures 27" x 40." Plenty of options for this rug! Office, den, family room, entrance, or even a country living room. It's one of those folk art scenes that only Warren Kimble seems to capture.

Cat Nap Inn Wool Hook Rug

How about a visit to the Cat Nap Inn. Add the finishing touches to you're your room with this 27" x 40" hook floor rug. Add a little touch to your home decor.

Drake Lodge Wool Hook Accent Rug

No one else can create a folk art duck like Warren Kimble featuring the Drake Lodge. Measures 27" x 40" so it's certain to get noticed. This hook rug will give you years of enjoyment!

Warren Kimble Wool Hook Rug Holiday Elephant

Did you say pink elephants? Well Warren Kimble did with his elephant wool hook rug that's a perfect addition to a room during the festive seasons.

Warren Kimble Nautical Wool Hook Area Rug

If your heart is on the water then you just have to have this nautical wool hook area rug. It measures 2.5' x 2.5' and it will bring a little bit of nautical into your home. Perfect for a den or office. It would even look great in a nautical themed living room. Don't miss this one!

Warren Kimble Home Sweet Home Wool Hook Rug

This wool hook rug features the Warren Kimble home sweet home design and is available in various sizes. Traditional design remains popular and makes an excellent entrance rug.

Warren Kimble Cat & Mouse Wool Hook Rug

This wool hook rug features one of the Warren Kimble famous cats along with mouse. Available in 3' x 4' size. This is a fun mat that would be perfect for a child's room family room, or anywhere you want to add a little fun.

Warren Kimble Apple Tree Wool Hook Rug

This wonderful apple tree design is a wool hook rug that measures 2' x 3'. It's a perfect rug for a kitchen or front door entrance. Cozy and refreshing!

Warren Kimble is a household word and for good reason. After you check out the Warren Kimble rugs be sure to check out the rest of his home decor. Why not give your room an affordable makeover?

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