Sunday, July 29, 2007

Four Secrets for Happy Family

After tax filing, I had long discussion with a new family. She is a student and he is salesman. The main concern was “how much we should make to afford the house”. Another topic was family savings for vacation and pleasure trips. I would not answer these questions for a simple reason, I am a tax preparer. In this instance subject moved me. Apparently young couple did not have proper planning strategy, their goals were some vague sentences as “to get reach”, “to live longer and happier”.

I decided to point couple steps,

1.Set clear goals, easy to understand to your mate and rest of your relatives.

Certain level in your education and carrier success a substitute for actual clear direction were family unit is moving. Of coarse it is necessary to reach education level and professional level, but the main goal for the family is mutual success. The idealistic future were everyone is happy and smiling. Were the parents helping their kids to get better and to acquire eternal values. Today, many families are trying to get reach, both husband and wife. When kids come along, they join the race for wealth. This strategy leads to failures, deprecions and sometimes alienates family members. It is important to understand that everyone works for good of another.

2.Plan ahead for important events in your life, discuss progress with your mate and review strategy. New babies and purchase of the house may be joyful long waited experience, or it may be painful sudden change in your relations. We could be much better if we track our success, and discuss with other family members. I know a family where dinnertime is the time when everyone talks about own plans and listen to others.

3.Control your day-to-day expenditures. Try to review your expenses monthly and look at the bank statement for any overcharges and possible negative spending. Your bank statement can tell someone your spending habits. Determine if you are reaching budget and adjust spending according your wage change. Couple years ago Southern United States had massive layoffs and it was hard time for some families. Some were quick to change their spending, others got into a debt.

4.Look for possibilities to be better, to learn from others and see how they done it. With all this information flow on the web you can easily access different methods and techniques. You can study different subjects or explore world of science and literature.

Sometimes looking at the articles posted on the web I find a lots of useful information. Let say you want to build house, paint bedroom or fix sink, there are good professional advises available to you.

Remember learning is the curve, it will depend on you how much you would like to learn.

Finally, it takes serious job to fulfill everything written in this article. Looking at the successful people, taking to interesting personalities you may see that family had so much to do with their success in life. Their parents were involved in schools and colleges, their hobbies and talent advancement.

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