Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Build a Better Mouse Trap

Probably you've heard the saying if you build a better mouse trap, the world will beat a path to your door. I guess many people took that seriously as nowadays there are thousands of mouse traps. One of the most commonly used traps is that shown in the children's cartoons in the last 50 years. Not only is it the most effective mouse trap but it also is very simple. It consists of a piece of wood with a heavy spring device which slams down the mouse if it tries to get the food put in it.

As we are living in the high tech 21st century, there are many people working on a better mouse trap. They want to create something not that simple. There is one great problem with any mouse trap - this is how to get the mouse into the trap. Cheese is considered to be the best bait. Another food that mice love is peanut butter. If not using the first two, then try with rice and some fish.

Having set up the bait, the mouse gets into the simple spring mouse trap and gets killed the same time. End of story. Of course, there are many people who are not willing to kill these friendly, but annoying mice. They can use a mouse trap designed as a mouse jail instead of the common spring mouse trap. When the mouse gets trapped, it doesn't get killed but it cannot escape either. When using such mouse trap mazes you have to take care of the mouse once it's caught. Some of these mouse tunnels are made of clear plastic, so they are see-through and you can watch what your mouse is doing in the trap. Once I came across a mouse trap that could hold up to 30 mice! Amazing, isn't it!

I'm sorry that the directions offered don't say what to do after you've caught the mouse in the trap. Should you let it go in the open? There is no doubt that you don't want to release it as you'll have to catch it again. There are some modern models of mouse traps that involve the use of electricity. Some of them give the mouse a lethal shock while others use batteries to automatically close the door after the mouse goes into the trap.

I know one more type of mouse trap.

I like that one a lot because it has many advantages. It is simple, cheap and highly effective. The only disadvantage of this model is that it is a bit dirty. All you have to do is purchase a few sheets of fly catcher. Before going to bed put one or two of these sticky sheets of paper somewhere in your kitchen. And don't forget to leave some bait in the middle of the sheet. You can be sure that the mouse will fall into your trap and will stick. Then when you find it the next morning, simply fold the flypaper and throw it away.

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