Saturday, January 05, 2008

'Re-tiring' Old Mulching Routine Paves the Way to Ten Worry-Free Years

The yearly routine of digging up last year's mulch and replacing it with a fresh supply can be time consuming, messy and expensive. But one new product can put consumers on the road to a full decade of worry-free mulching -- and that road is paved with recycled rubber.

Each year, millions of truck tires are recycled nationwide. The rubber from these tires does not rot, fade or break down, even after years of exposure to the elements. As a result, discarded tires are treaded treasures for Rubberific Mulch, which gives new life to old tires by turning them into one of the longest lasting and safest ground coverings on the market.

"Not only does Rubberific Mulch help the environment by recycling old tires that otherwise would languish in landfills, but it offers time- and cost-saving alternatives to traditional mulch," says Mike Miller, Rubberific Mulch president. "It has the appearance of wood-based mulch, but with a unique durability that will last for ten years, with very little upkeep."

To help consumers choose the type of mulch that is best for a lawn or garden, the experts at Rubberific Mulch suggest asking the following questions:

Attractiveness -- Will the mulch look good in the front lawn or garden?

Longevity and durability -- Does the mulch hold up for long periods of time, even through inclement weather?

Protection -- Will the mulch protect and benefit the plants it surrounds?

For consumers seeking the ideal mix of attractiveness, durability and year-round protection, Rubberific Mulch is a cost-effective solution. The texture, size and shape of the shredded rubber is virtually identical to wood mulch, and is available in realistic colors, such as cypress, redwood, cedar and earthtone. Its strength allows it to withstand wind, rain, snow and ice with little or no washout, and it will not rod or fade, even under stifling humidity and harsh sunlight. Plants will reap additional benefits from Rubberific Mulch, which does not attract insects and will not absorb water meant for them.

For backyards with swing sets or other kid-playing zones, Rubberific Mulch offers the additional benefit of superior safety. The impact of a child's fall is significantly less on the rubber-based mulch than on more traditional ground coverings.

Rubberific Mulch is available for purchase at select Lowe's home improvement centers throughout the Midwest. It also can be ordered in a variety of custom colors at, or by calling (866) 936-8524.

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