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The Professional’s Secret To Window Covering Ideas

A window covering idea is not just as easy as hanging some attractive curtains. The window covering should be designed so that the proportions balance the room. If an element in the design is not the right size it will throw the entire effect of the window treatment off. In order to plan a balanced window covering idea there are a few basic principles that relate with space that you have to understand. The principles will include balance, line, proportion, scale, rhythm and harmony. Your proportions and scale in the window covering work hand in hand. The scale is how the size of all the other things in the room and the proportion is the relationship of the objects and parts to each other based on size. For example your window size and how proportional it is to the size of your room. A good over all scale will be achieved if all the window fixtures are proportioned right and relative to one another as well as to the wholes rooms theme. Sometimes a window treatment will be too large or maybe too small for the location. Careful planning of your window covering idea and a deliberate effort will help this and you will achieve an overall custom window covering that is well proportioned and will complete the room's window covering design effect.

Color, Pattern, Texture, window covering ideas

To coordinate your window covering and the rest of the theme and elements of the room, you must consider the texture, pattern and color and how to best use them so that your window treatment will blend in or maybe stand out in the background. The choice of colors and patterns along with textures can alter the way you are covering the manufactures window by having them appear smaller or larger depending with the scale of your design and the hues intensity. Texture is the subset of the elements and will add complexity by use of fabrics with coarse, matte, glossy or smooth weaves.

How to choose window covering colors

Window treatments that are designed to blend into the room will give you a serene ambiance. To blend and stay low key choose colors and fabric that match the walls exactly. By choosing cool and warm colors you can crate the way a window treatment will be perceived. Warm colors with sunny hues will seem to be closer together and will give the room an intimate flavoring. The cool tones along with neutral colors will make your room recede and will help open up a smaller room. If you use a less intense color variation you will reduce the affect that it will have to advance or recede your room.

How to choose window covering patterns

To enhance your window covering, patterned fabric is the easiest and most popular way to do this because patterns are a major vehicle for color. Using the rules for color selection will effectively make the field smaller when you select a pattern or a few complements of patterns. A window covering pattern with a large scale and using a warm color, will make it appear as though the pattern is coming towards you. This may create a stimulating and lively window treatment. A large space may feel cozier. If you have a small space to work with be careful in using a large scale pattern or it may over power the room. A small scale window pattern will make things appear to recede. For instance it will make a small room appear larger. But in a large room the small pattern may be bland. If you are going to use a small window covering pattern in a large room, pick the one that has some vibrant colors. Following some of these tips, you will have a custom window covering that looks like it was designed by a professional.

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