Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wow! Outdoor Tiles : Any Image, Any Size

Something amazing is happening in the world of ceramic tiles—Outdoor tile murals-------A new and exciting way to have a dramatic focal point outdoors on the floor or walls.

Imagine a dining room far from the kitchen heat, a reading nook with natural light, a place to restore your positive energy, a room with bragging rights. All this could be as close as your backyard .What could be more enticing than a group of people gathered around a fabulous outdoor patio grill with a Tuscan Landscape tile mural as a backdrop or a ceramic tile rug for the patio floor between 2 outdoor couches that is patterned and fringed in an Oriental, Moroccan, or SouthWesten theme

Patios provide private sanctuaries for family and friends, and offer an interlude from frenetic activities of the main house. Patios are getting decked out in fun things which reflect the inside of your home. - Tile murals can fit any style or theme and can coordinate with furniture, fabrics or wallpapers.You might consider vintage labels as your theme-- Maybe International, California or personalized wine labels, fruit crate and orange crate labels from Florida or sunny California. If you have a green thumb try adding seed packet labels and botanical floral prints. If you are a traveller you might like vintage hotel, airline, train or boat labels. or vintage posters from the 30's. Beer labels are a particula favorite.

Upon hearing that YOU can have any image, any size tile mural or tile display, outdoors, YOU will likely get the urge to furnish your patios around a dramatic image. : ).Please visit my website to see an extensive collection of images.... www.AliciaTappDesigns.com

About The Author
Alicia Tapp
I transfer fine art, vintage labels and personal photographs onto marble tiles to create a mural. Please visit my website..... http://www.AliciaTappDesigns.com.

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