Monday, February 09, 2009

Pharm Organic Deer Repellent Safe and Effective

Always Green Nursery's Deer Pharm Organic Repellant solves one of the most lingering issues for serious gardeners in all areas of the country. How does one get rid of those annoying ruminants eating everything green that appears in the garden without destroying the plants which make up the food crop, rendering the food unfit for human consumption due to the smell or taste of the repellent, or spending all one's gardening time applying the repellent?

Deer are a year-round problem in rural area gardens. In the spring, they love to visit the new shoots of the vegetable garden or the tips of ornamental shrubbery and strip away the leaves. The hoof prints in the planted but unsprouted areas of the garden can undo in one evening what has taken hours of planting to accomplish. During the summer, the produce from the vegetable garden is mature and they have been known to mow down a row of spinach, chard or lettuce during one evening's feeding frenzy.

Fall brings new problems. As melons and vines ripen, so does the audacity of the nighttime visits. The animals are rarely content with picking and eating only one item. They have been known to move down a row of ripe melons taking a bite of one here, stepping on another there, and gnawing through a vine in yet another area. One or two animals in a garden can literally destroy a whole season's produce in a single night.

And then there is the winter season. One would think that the dear would stay away because the garden is down to dead stalks, but no—they love dried corn stalks and may even move into lawn or shrubbery in order to forage for food. They can do serious damage to the trunks of fruit trees as they rub antlers against the wood.

Deer Pharm Organic Repellant is 100 percent safe for your children, animals and pets. Applied correctly, it's undetectable to human olfactory organs after 10-12 hours, yet the deer hate it. During the early season, you can apply Deer Pharm frequently, and space out the applications as the season progresses. The product is 100% natural and contains 100% pure organic ingredients.

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