Thursday, May 21, 2009

‘Tis The Season To Save $$$!

Just one of the many Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Would you like to save up to 50% on your next water heating bill and have an endless supply of hot water?


With tankless water heaters you can enjoy an endless supply of instantaneous, on-demand hot water 24 hours a day. Water is instantly heated as it flows through the tankless water heater but only for the time you are using it. When the hot water tap is turned off it closes immediately. Conventional tank water heaters operate differently in that they will heat water temperatures in the tank to a preferred temperature setting despite if you are using the water or not. The temperature is typically much higher in a tank than anyone could tolerate because cold water is added to the hot water, resulting in standby losses.


Another benefit of tankless water heaters is you will no longer need an extra room to house your bulky conventional tank heater. Tankless water heaters are about the size of a phone book and can be hung on the wall or installed under sinks or placed in closets.


Unlike tankless water heaters where the water temperature is controlled with a dial, conventional tank water heaters are typically set between 120? - 140? F or 50? - 60? C. While this is much too hot for people to use, it is necessary to overheat the water in order to have a sufficient supply of hot water. Cold water is added to the overheated water in order for it to be comfortable. Standby losses are eliminated with tankless water heaters because they provide hot water when needed, without storage.


The life expectancy of tankless water heaters is typically much longer than conventional tank water heaters because they are less subject to corrosion. Tankless water heaters generally last 25-30 years whereas traditional heaters have a life expectancy of only about 10 years. Unfortunately, most tanks, once they have reached the end of this short service life, are destined for the landfill – not exactly an environmentally-friendly or long-term cost-effective solution.


Every year in North America there are about 4,000 injuries related to incidences where people have been scalded by overheated water in conventional tank water heaters. Keep you and your family safe using tankless water heaters.

Legionnaire's bacteria are found in virtually every buildings water supply. Legionnaire's disease is a type of pneumonia that affects the lungs and affects thousands in the U.S. alone every year. The bacteria only become potentially lethal when water sits for extended periods of time at higher temperatures. Unfortunately conventional tank water heaters have the conditions necessary for this disease to flourish. By switching to tankless water heaters it will eliminate the conditions that breed this disease are eliminated because the water is only heated at the moment of use. In tankless water heaters the water in the pipes cools down when water is not being used eliminating any potential for Legionnaire's disease. This is yet another benefit of tankless water heaters.

Tankless water heaters are the next big thing for today's household!

There are many benefits of Tankless Water heaters. Please visit us at to learn more about our best in class tankless water heaters.

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