Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting Rid Of Those Pesky Mosquitoes

Controlling mosquitoes

Just imagine a fun day with your family: playing baseball, having a picnic, a full day of fun. That is until you get home and realize your whole family is covered with mosquito bites. Mosquito bites are not only painful and irritating; nowadays they can also be dangerous to your health. You may think to yourself, "West Nile is so rare, it will never affect my family", but for the few who do get it, it can be very serious. The worst part about West Nile virus is that it can be easily prevented by taking some simple and easy steps to protect yourself and your family.

There are several ways to help prevent mosquito bites. The first step is to remove their habitat and breeding grounds. It won't protect you from the mosquitoes you have, but it will prevent them from breeding and reduce future populations. This can be done by getting rid of standing water. If you have a pool, pond, or other body of water, make sure the water is circulating. If you have water that can't be circulated, such as a bird bath, be sure to change the water regularly so mosquito eggs laid in it don't have time to hatch. You also need to be sure there is no standing water anywhere else; such as clogged rain gutter, puddles, open garbage cans, potted plants, toys, playground equipment, and anything else that can collect even the smallest amount of water.

Another option, if you can't stop the mosquitoes from breeding, is to try to keep them away from the area you're in. This can be done through citronella candles and similar devices. They now make affordable electronic mosquito repelers that emit a sound to keep them away. You can also use yellow lights instead of white ones. They don't repel mosquitoes, but they don't attract them like white lights do. It may also help to run a fan near you when you're outside since mosquitoes don't like moving air. For keeping mosquitoes away when you're indoors, make sure your keeping your screen doors are closed (automatically closing doors are best), and appropriately attached and sealed.

Another way to prevent mosquito bites is to kill the mosquitoes you do have. This can be done through various types of pesticides. Foggers can be used to kill mosquitoes in the air where they fly, and residual insecticides can be bushes and shrubs where they rest when they're inactive. While this solution may seem more permanent than other solutions, you will likely have the problem of mosquitoes migrating back from untreated areas near your home. The best way to help with this is by having a neighborhood mosquito plan; however, they are obviously difficult to organize and maintain. You can also control mosquitoes by using electronic bug zappers. When using these methods, you also have to be concerned about their effects on harmless insects and other wildlife in the area. Many insects that are vital to environmental health may also be killed when you exterminate mosquitoes. Larger wildlife can also be inadvertently harmed by pesticide use.

The last option for keeping yourself and your family safe from mosquitoes is to protect yourself directly through chemicals like mosquito repellants, clothing, and shelter. Be sure to use EPA-approved chemicals. If you'd rather use less repellant, you can wear longer clothes and just spray around the edges: however, you should be aware that if clothing is too thin, mosquitoes can bite through it. If you are going into an area where you know there will be lots of mosquitoes, try to wear long clothes netting over your face. If there is a disease warning out for mosquitoes, it is best to just avoid going outside during times when mosquitoes are active.

Have a great time outdoors and remember to stay safe!

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