Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Home Security Sign And Decals

Imagine you are a burglar with one thing on your mind: breaking into a home. Imagine you approach that home only to see a clearly visible security sign announcing that the home is protected by a continuously monitored security system. Would you think twice about trying to break in? You bet.

A Security Sign and Decal: A Powerful Deterrent

A security sign and decal, placed in full view of anyone who approaches your home, can be almost as effective a deterrent as having a real working home security monitoring system. Sometimes the security sign and decal is the only warning you need to give to keep invaders away. When combined with a wired or wireless home security monitoring system, a security sign and decal lets you know you have more than one line of defense against criminals, further protecting your home and family.

The Benefits of a Security Sign and Decal

A simple security sign and decal can be an important edition to your home security plan, and for just mere pennies on the dollar compared to the expense of a full security system. Without actually risking breaking into a home and being detected and caught, a potential burglar cannot know whether your decal is telling the truth or not. Prominently display decals in your yard and on your windows, and you could keep burglars away without needing to install a complicated wireless or wired system. Though we highly recommend a real security system to keep your family safe, a security sign and decal is certainly better than taking no security measures at all.

The Easy Installation of a Security Sign and Decal

Installation of a security sign and decal is easy, just like using a sticker or shoving a stick in the ground, and there is no maintenance beyond making sure your security decal always remains fully visible. A security sign and decal is completely wireless, non-electronic; needing no batteries or plugs, so you can put it anywhere you want.

Some security signs and decals will even alert emergency response teams that children or pets are in your home, and can save precious seconds by alerting rescuers to which bedrooms your family members occupy. More than just protecting your home from burglars, a security sign and decal can save your life.

Other Benefits of a Security Decal

The many benefits of a security sign and decal include: 24 hour protection, Visible to all who approach your home, Easy to install and Preventive security that saves you money

Use Security Signs and Decals with Your Home Security Plan

Security signs and decals are an inexpensive investment compared to the cost of more expensive home security monitoring systems, but remember that only a monitored security system will alert authorities in the event of a break-in. Not all burglars will be deterred by a sticker. The best solution is to invest in your peace of mind and the protection of your home and your family by installing a hardwired or wireless system; use home security signs and decals to decrease the chances of that system ever being tested.

About The Author
Ralph Winn has over 32 years of experience in the security industry. Throughout his career, he has developed cost effective security programs for numerous small, medium, large commercial and government properties and for many nationally known corporations. http://www.homesecuritystore.com

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