Friday, December 31, 2010

Kitchen Design Trends: What's Hot for Your Kitchen?

Kitchen Design Trends: What's Hot for Your Kitchen?

So, you have just made the decision to remodel the kitchen! No decision about your home environment is more important because of the key activities that take place in the kitchen. Now is the time to do a little personal research and find out what your options are.

Exploring Space in Your Kitchen

The larger the space, the easier it is to outfit your kitchen for a modern multi-tasking family. But, not all kitchens are large enough to blend task areas. A qualified and experienced kitchen planning specialist may be able to help you "find" additional square footage you didn't realize you have by removing a wall, opening a closet or raising the ceiling.

Add critical space to your kitchen by carefully planning your cabinets to include features that store the kinds of items you have. Many and varied special cabinets or cabinet inserts are available for every imaginable storage need.

Universal Kitchen Design

The emphasis on ease-of-use in public buildings prompted by the Americans with Disabilities Act is prompting a growing trend in the housing market, too. Whether you have a disabled person in your family or not, everyone can benefit by keeping Universal Design principles in mind when planning a new kitchen. Innovations like those in KraftMaid's Passport Cabinetry make it simple to be sure all functions in the kitchen can be easily performed by any family member regardless of stature or physical capabilities.

Five Tips for Universal Design in Your Kitchen

1. Universal Design means planning the spaces that everyone finds easy to use

2. One of the most basic principles of kitchen design is offering a variety of work top heights

3. Beauty does not need to be sacrificed for functionality. Both are important and can work together to create an ambient environment

4. Place kitchen appliances where they can be easily reached and allow use by a seated person

5. Be sure kitchen cabinet doors and pull-outs increase access rather than impede it, if there is a wheelchair user in your family

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