Saturday, March 31, 2007

Buying Furniture at Yard Sales

Buying furniture pieces at yard sales offers many options, but you must look closely to know what you’re getting.

Are you interested in trying your hand at some creative furniture painting? If you don’t already have an old piece of furniture to practice on, shopping yard sales is the best way to come up with a piece.

If you are buying the yard sale furniture for the sake of practicing your creative idea, buy away! If you are looking for a particular piece to use, take time to look the furniture over to make sure you are getting a solid piece at a good deal.

For instance, if you want to buy a small dresser for a guest room and want to give it a country look, your first concern should be the stability of the furniture. You can give almost any style the look you want, as long as the furniture is sturdy and in good condition. Look to see if any of the wood is buckling or if the piece has any deep scratches that can’t be sanded out. If you want it to have an old look, the scratches might not matter so much to you. The buckling, however, might be a sign of warped drawers that are hard to open or close. Warped furniture is not usually very functional.

If the furniture you are looking at is a sofa, loveseat or chair there are additional considerations you should keep in mind. Will you be using the furniture as it is or do you plan to give it a fresh coat of paint or some new fabric treatment? Does it look clean? Ask the seller if the furniture has been used recently in a home or if it has been in storage. If it has been stored, ask if the storage unit was climate controlled. If not, you may find yourself dealing with pest issues or mold down the line. Make sure you look the seating over good – check out its frame, springs, cushions and the over all wear. If you think it is in good shape and can get a good deal, go for it!

If you are taking up furniture shopping through yard sales as a hobby, learn all you can about various types of furniture. The knowledge will help you separate a good deal from a great find. Plus, if you plan to recycle your yard sale findings, you don’t want to strip and paint an antique, one of a kind headboard. When you know your furniture – what is of special value and what is just a trash to treasure item – you can save yourself the heartache associated with finding out the dresser you just painted a Dr. Seuss scene on was actually by a famous craftsman. Visit your local library to check out books on antique or unique furniture. Then, keep your eyes open when you are hitting the yard sales the following weekend – you’ll know a good deal when you see one!

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Water Filters – Learn About The Various Options


Quality water filtration is one of the best investments that one can make for one’s health. Good water tastes better and also protects you from infections and diseases that could spread through unfiltered water. The market for water filters is vast and one has a huge range to choose from depending upon how much one wants to spend and if one wants protection from some specific element in water.

Water Filtration- The Options That You Have

As mentioned above, one has an enormous choice as far as water filters are concerned. The choice ranges from hand made terracotta filters to filtrations add-on’s on your refrigerators. Well recently, Kenmore refrigerators are offering Pur water filters in some of their models. It makes water filtration more convenient. Then the market has something called ‘replacement filters’. These are interchangeable and are a replacement for your previous water filters. For example a replacement water filter for Pur will fit exactly the same as the PUR water filter model and will also purify the water the same way.

You could also opt for water filters for specific problems. For example, if the percentage of arsenic in your water is more, then you should preferably get a water filter which will be removing or reducing arsenic. Also available are a wide variety of specialty cartridge systems that are designed to handle virtually any water quality problem. There are cartridge systems specially for filtering oil and so on.

Various technologies have also come to be used in water filters like reverse osmosis or UV technology. A UV Water filter will do the function of pathogen killing by using the power ultraviolet and deliver to customers, healthy and great tasting water. If you are looking to save, then you could opt for handmade terracotta filters which are cheaper and offer dual functions of cooling and filtering water. The choice is yours and you can select the filter which best suits your pocket and needs.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tree Selection Checklist

1. Size at maturity: Very tall or very wide trees are not suitable for the average, small home lot. While you may feel that a tree that does not reach mature height for 20 or 30 years is no problem, it is better to regard a tree as a permanent addition to the property.

2. Rate of growth: Fast growing trees may be a great temptation particularly when you need shade, but many of them grow with soft wood or shallow roots and are easily damaged in a storm. In addition to the loss of the tree, this might mean personal or property damage. This group includes the poplars, silver maple, willows and Chinese and Siberian elms.

3. Appearance: Do you want an evergreen, a deciduous tree, one that flowers or has berries? Do you have a preference in the type of leaf, or the color of the foliage at different times of the year? The variety of trees that now grow in the United States is so large, about 650 different kinds, that all tastes can be satisfied. Consider also the density of the shade given by the tree, particularly in relation to what you would like to grow under it. Dense shade will require a ground cover rather than grass. The shape of the tree is most important in its effect on the total landscaping. Wide, low trees are best for a rambling ranch house. Tall slender trees can make a tall house look lower. Tree shapes vary greatly. The Morton Bay fig tree, for example, grows with a wide head, while the pine oak grows wide at the base and narrows toward the top. like a pyramid

4. Root system: Shallow-rooted trees are much more likely to be knocked over in a storm than deep rooted trees. In addition, the root system of the tree largely determines what can be grown under it. and this includes quite a large area as the tree gets older. The Norway maple, for example, spreads a network of roots near the surface and prevents the growth of shrubs or flowers beneath it. If you use a tree with rambling roots it must be set far from walks and septic tank system.

5. Maintenance: Choose a tree that is as free as possible from pests. Spraying tall trees is difficult for the average homeowner. Nursery stock should be heeled in the ground by digging a trench, placing the roots in the bottom, and covering them with soil. If the roots are dry, they should be immersed in water for an hour or two before they are heeled in. The soil that has been firmed around the roots should be kept moist until it is frozen, or until the plants can be set in their permanent positions.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Value of Home Security Safes

A basic locking cabinet can secure valuable papers or personal items but it will not protect them from theft or fire damage. Only safes can provide a superior level of protection for documents, jewelry, guns and personal items. Computer data that would be difficult or impossible to duplicate if lost. Home and business security systems require the addition of security safes to eliminate the possibility of data and document loss due to fire and climate disruptions.

The proliferation of home robberies are classified as "snatch and grab." The intruder invests approximately 3-5 minutes within the home. The very presence of a home security safe is a deterrent to such robberies. Any additional time invested within the home increases the odds of apprehension. Theft prevention and climate control management have rendered security safes a requirement for any home, office or business. The needed security afforded by home and business safes completes any existing security control system. Home security safes offer protection of personal documents, jewelry and irreplaceable items. Home safes are a major deterrent from robbery and provide needed security from fire and climate changes. Advance Safes offer a large inventory of wall safes, floor safes, fire safes, gun safes, and electronic digital safes. Home safes are a perfect compliment to any home security system.

Fire could destroy your business! In fact, eight businesses burn almost every hour in the U.S. resulting in over 2.3 billion dollars in annual losses.* Unfortunately, seven out of ten businesses have not adequately protected their vital records. When that information is destroyed a business often fails. Don't become a company that incurs fire damage resulting in critical loss of data (customer, personnel, accounting files, etc.) by not utilizing quality fire and data media safes. Survival is possible but preparation is necessary.

Security safes are an essential protection against fire, theft and climate changes. Theft prevention, fire protection, data security and storage are a requirement for any business or home office. Advance Safes offer a complete inventory of fire safes, data media safes, depository safes, floor safes, treasury safes (TL-15 and TL-30), vaults and hotel safes. A quality safe is an essential requirement for any business security system. A safe investment is a long-term security dividend. Please consider our inventory of security safes as a welcome addition to any home or office environ. Contact us at:

* Source: National Fire Protection Association article Fire Loss in the U.S. During 2004 Abridged Report.

To view our inventory of home, business, office and hotel safes visit

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Swimming Pool Fence: A Must Have Accessory

A great number of people have swimming pools installed in their backyards. Many of those people have at least one child. If that child is too young, a pool can pose a serious or even fatal risk. If this applies to you, you need to equip your pool with a fence. It is not a popular pool accessory, but a lifesaving piece of equipment.

In lots of regions of the United Sates, swimming pool fences are required. Even if you were not planning on installing a pool fence, you may soon find out that you are required to.

When it comes to pool fences, there are a large number of different options. Pool fences come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, designs and different sizes.

To research all of these designs, you must begin browsing. Visit your local pool supply store or you can shop online. Online shopping usually offers the largest product selection and it enables to you compare prices easily.

You can buy metal, mesh, wood, or plastic swimming pool fences. If you want a reliable and nice-looking fence, you can buy a metal fence. Metal fences are perfect because they last for a long period of time. Wood fences are eye-catching but most need repairs every few years.

Mesh fences are popular because they are removable. These fences are the only easy-to-remove fences available. If you are going to use a pool fence for a short time, you will benefit from buying a pool fence that can be taken down in a matter of minutes.

Besides pool fences, you can get additional safety equipment, such as pool covers. Some time ago, pool covers were frequently made of lightweight plastic materials. This material could not be considered a lifesaving device. Today, there are many different pool covers that have safety in mind.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Why Buy An iRobot Scooba

First things first, it is difficult keeping house as well as cleaning house and making it neat and orderly while you are trying to lead your own life, taking care of the kids, taking care of the family and doing your own work as well.

It is a good thing that there is an equipment out there that will make your life simple, convenient and as easy as one two three.


The iRobot Scooba is the one cleaning equipment you have no choice but to purchase. It is your new house best friend because it takes care of the jobs you really hate. It is a floor-washing robot that does virtually everything you do not want to. Plus, it does the chores you do not like doing fast and it does it quick. It is very effective in making that floor spick and span. It may even be a lot better than you.

It scrubs your floor, washes it, and then dries your floor all at the same time.

Responsible Robot

The iRobot scooba may be more responsible than you or any member of your household. Believe it or not, the iRobot Scooba cleans every corner of your room and even any surface of your floor. Be it those kitchen floorboards or that dirty linoleum that has been covered with grease. The iRobot Scooba could even erase that spot of food or that soup stain that may have been there for a long time. Be surprised to find your floor buffed up and shiny, like it is new.


With the iRobot Scooba you can do anything, other than clean! The iRoot Scooba does the work for you as you do the real work of doing the stuff that matters most. You can easily relax and return to playing with the kids or going out with friends. Mopping will be just a distant and faint memory once you let the iRobot Scooba into your home. Throw that mop and bucket of water away. The iRobot Scooba is programmed to do all the cleaning – these include washing, prepping, scrubbing and drying the floor – all on its own.


The iRobot Scooba cleans a lot better than anyone else. Believe it or not, this equipment is able to clean under heavy furniture, even those places that are quite difficult to reach. It could easily go under tables or chairs.

Personal assistant

An iRobot Scooba picks up tiny crumbs, that pesky dirt and that dreadful sand. It washes the floor using a clean and fresh solution. The iRobot Scooba also scrubs your floor gently as it removes grime, spills and dirt. All in all, the iRobot Scooba is a dream come true for anyone who has always considered cleaning as a nightmare. It does everything even as it seems it is doing nothing.

It is time to give yourself that much needed break. Let the iRobot Scooba do the dirty work for you. It is your job to live, it is the iRobot Scooba's job to clean up after you.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Choose Antler Lamps & Chandeliers With Rawhide Lamp Shades For Southwest Lighting And Western Decor

Antler Lamps have no equal. Animal lovers and outdoorsmen alike love natural antlers. Antler lamps and chandeliers are prized possessions for southwest lighting and western décor. Antler sheds as they are know are the antlers that the animal “sheds” naturally each spring. Each year in places like Jackson Hole, WY antler sheds are gathered to be used for what has come to be called antler art, lamps, furniture etc.

Some of the most common antler lamps are made with white tail deer sheds. Another very popular and beautiful antler lamp is made with mule deer sheds which are slightly larger and darker in tone. The forks and tines or points of the antlers are used to give each lamp its own unique look. As each antler is slightly different, so the lamp made from the antlers is a one-of-a-kind treasure. The best quality antler lamps are made using techniques of drilling and patching that show no visible hardware or wiring.

Antler lighting is absolutely fabulous for rustic lighting and a must for log homes, cabins and ranches. And if you enjoy southwestern lamps or western furniture, antler chandeliers will create the perfect focal point for your décor. And the crowning affects for any antler lamp, sconce or chandelier is genuine rawhide lamp shades. With their hand lacing and warm glow they perfectly match the antlers and can transform the ambiance of your room to a southwestern/western hide away wherever you are located.

Some of the most striking antler chandeliers and lamps are made with moose and elk sheds. Their larger size allows their use in some incredible designs, large floor lamps and huge chandeliers and antler furniture.

If you enjoy the out doors and rustic lighting, antler chandeliers, sconces and lamps with rustic lamp shades made of leather and rawhide will quickly become your most appreciated and enjoyed lighting fixtures. With virtually no maintenance necessary, antlers are a win, win choice.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Plants And Flowers Can Bring Earth Day Right Into Your Home

April 22nd is Earth Day, a day to celebrate this planet we call home and all the natural beauty it has to offer. Many people celebrate the day by planting a tree or bush or simply by spending the day outside, enjoying the splendor of nature. But, what if you live in a city where nature isn't as abundant as you'd like or if you're just unable to get outdoors to plant a tree or bush? Well, your florist could help you bring a little nature right into your house or apartment, no matter where you live. Better yet, your florist can even help you create or purchase a plant or arrangement that fits your lifestyle, personality, and living space.

Using flowers and plants, you can create looks ranging from the soft and natural to the dramatic and feisty. Here are just a few looks you can achieve:

* Natural Look: Place loose, wispy arrangements in a vase or glass bowl. Flowers may be monochromatic or multicolored.

* Calming: Flowers in shades of blue are proven to have a calming effect on our moods.

* Dramatic Look: If you're not into the more traditional styles, you might be interested in creating a bold, dramatic look using deeply colored blooms in bright orange, fiery red, or brilliant yellow.

* Outdoorsy: If you're a country girl or guy at heart, you might be interested in bringing that outdoors feel inside using arrangements containing seasonal grasses or twigs. The arrangements can be placed in clay pots or baskets to further enhance the feel.

If you're looking for a long-lasting way to bring the green of the outdoors into your home, your florist can assist you in picking a potted plant that will flourish in the space you have available. Here are just a few plants you might choose from:

* Philodendron: The philodendron is a large-leafed plant available in red or green and with several different leaf shapes. Philodendrons grow beautifully in bright, indirect light and away from drafts. They are, however, poisonous so you should place them in areas that are not accessible by children or pets.

* Dieffenbachia: These plants are very popular as indoor plants because they grow better indoors than many other types of plants. In fact, they can grow up to four or five feet tall under the right conditions.

* Cactus: The cactus is perfect for the individual with little time to spend caring for plants and limited space. They are extremely hardy and, because the soil should be allowed to thoroughly dry between waterings, they require very little attention.

* Areca Palm: A beautiful plant with a tropical look, the areca palm is available in various sizes from 3 feet all the way up to 10 feet tall. They grow well in bright locations with ample watering.

Regardless of your location or living arrangements, celebrate this Earth Day with a call to your florist. Bring a little nature into your home!

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Patio Bar Chairs for Comfortable Outdoor and Poolside Seating

For any pool owner, whether it be commercial or residential, furnishing the pool area with the right patio furniture can be essential. Pool areas need to be comfortable, as well as casual, and practical to make it a great pool going experience. An essential element to any pool area is patio bar furniture, consisting of patio bar tables and patio bar chairs. This type of bar setting for a pool has a number of great advantages.

Casual seating. Patio bar chairs provide casual seating for guests who are between swims, or just there to relax poolside. Patio bar furniture can be purchased in water proof material so as to not leave dry guests soaking wet. Patio bar furniture is also perfect for pool parties. Patio bar furniture takes up less room than patio dining furniture so the pool area can accommodate a larger number of guests.

Commercial patio setting. Patio bar furniture is an excellent idea for a commercial patio setting. Whether it is a restaurant or hotel, if it is an area where there is a bar and frequent entertainment, patio bar furniture is a great way to accommodate guests comfortably.

Patio bar chairs sit higher than traditional dining chairs. Some are only raised slightly higher, while other sit at 36 inches. Aluminum patio bar chairs are perfect for pool side because they are made with rust-proof and fade resistant components. Aluminum patio furniture is also available to meet any type of budget.

Make your outdoor bar patio or poolside area a great place for relaxing and entertaining. Patio bar chairs save space without sacrificing comfort.

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Say Goodbye to The Wooden Window Shutter

A discussion of the wooden window shutter plus definitions and descriptions of the many kind of inexpensive and low maintenance shutters on the market.

The traditional window shutter is usually made of wood, needs a lot of maintenance and looks like it is right out of an episode of the Brady Bunch. These window shutters that have been in existence since Colonial times are a bit of an anachronism. Most people simply never shut them yet still the hinges need to be oiled and shined.

It might be time to get rid of the anachronistic wooden shutters on your home and go with something more modern such an aluminum window shutter that resists the elements and never closes. This will definitely cut down on your replacement and maintenance costs for keeping the exterior of your home looking sharp!

Here is a run down of the different types of decorate window shutter that are offered by manufacturers today.

Vinyl window shutter - These easy to clean, affordable shuttles last about forty years! They give your house a traditional look without the traditional expense of replacing them frequently. They weigh next to nothing and look like the real thing. They are available in all of the traditional louvered, board and batten and raised panel styles. Even better they come primed and ready to paint in the color of your choice.

Composite window shutter - These shutters are like a thick particleboard that is made from a composite of weather and rot-resistant materials. They are made from molds that offer all kinds of styles including the louvered, board and batten and raised panel window shutter style. You can also find these types of shutters in a cupboard style (sometimes called the Bahama style) that is hinged at the top so you can open and close them just like the old fashioned wooden shutter.

Fiberglass Shutters - This type of window shutter is the most expensive but they do last about twenty years. They are also molded and offered in a variety of designs including the Bahama, louvered, board and battened and raised panel window shutter styles. The fiberglass window shutter is also stronger and more secure than other types and can be used to protect your windows during hurricanes and storms. Most manufacturers offer these in scores of colors and textures that mimic the look of the real thing. You can also buy these primed and paint them yourself to match your house's exterior design scheme.

Aluminum Shutters. The aluminum wood shutter is also offered in a variety of styles including the faux colonial louvered style and the Bahama style. These strong shutters are great protection for your windows, both in terms of an intruder and also against a hurricane. They come in about a thousand textures and colors. However the powder coated finish looks a little less authentic than other types of shutters and many companies also only offer a warranty of about three years on aluminum shutters.

Of course the crème de la crème will always be the traditional wood shutters, but unfortunately they are not as storm proof as the fiberglass or aluminum window shutter and the costs of protecting them from the elements are relatively sky high compare to other types.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Easy Butterfly Gardening: Three Tips for Success

Butterfly gardens require several things to be successful: plants, water, and the right gardening attitude.

We can easily create lists of plants that butterflies love. Consider planting Asters, Joe-Pye weed, Black-eyed Susans, Lantana, Butterfly Bush, Butterfly Weed, Liatris, Pentas, Coreopsis and Purple Coneflowers. These are gorgeous plants and butterflies will flock to them in large numbers.

Gardeners can easily provide water by soaking the ground in an area next to favourite plants or by having small dishes/birdbaths with water in the garden. By providing water, you’ll attract butterflies. If you have a small pond, lay a stick on the edge so one end is in the water and one end on the shore. This will provide an easy entranceway for both butterflies and frogs. It also looks more realistic than bare edged ponds.

And finally, we need to create a gardening attitude that says that in order to get those gorgeous butterflies, we need to feed the caterpillars that hatch out to be butterflies. It is OK to plant specific plants these immature insects require and it is OK if they chew them up. You have to have food in your garden for all phases of this creature if you want to attract them. The tip is to plant the following plants at the back of the garden so you wont’ see the damage. Plant Wild Asters, Clover, Hollyhocks, Lupines, Mallows, Marigolds, Milkweed, Nettles and Thistles, Parsley, Passionflower (in baskets) Plantain, Snapdragons, Sorrel, Turtlehead and Violets.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Put Your Lawn On a Diet

Those wonderful green lawns many homeowners care about so much can be made much more healthy if we put them on a diet. Overfeeding causes as many problems with lawns as it does with people. Fat lawns are not healthy lawns. Rather than go on about this problem, let me simply tell you about the research at the University of Guelph.

Researcher Christopher Hallfound there was a way to promote health in the lawn by the frequency of the fertilizer application and the amount of fertilizer applied. According the Hall, fertilizer for lawns should be applied three times per year. One quarter of the fertilizer being applied should be applied in early summer, (not early spring) when the ground warms up and the grass is beginning to really grow. Another quarter is applied in late summer, around the middle of August when the fall rains are promoting growth, and the last half of the fertilizer is applied at the end of November to fatten up the roots for winter survival. This application rate was found to create a much denser turf than applications at other times all species and cultivars of grass. It was particularly effective on perennial rye grass and tall fescues.

The next question is how much food does the lawn need? Chris Hall at Guelph found that the turf did better if only 2 pounds of Nitrogen per 1000 square feet was used over the whole season. From the above paragraph, it can be seen that 1/4 pound is applied in early summer, 1/4 pound in late summer and 1 full pound in late November for the healthiest, thickest lawn.

Overfeeding produces thatch and weakened grass that is susceptible to pests and disease. It is also more costly. So, put your lawn on a diet for a better lawn.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Preventing Water Damage in the Attic

Controlling the natural drying of your property must start at the attic as it is located at the top of the house, separating between the roof and the rest of the house.

Ceiling and Floor

Be sure to look both up and down when inspecting the attic. Pay special attention to openings through the roof such as pipes, vents and the chimney. Take a look to confirm that all surfaces are dry and that there is no mold or rot. Also, check the bottom of the roof sheathing and roof rafters. It is recommended to inspect during the morning to make sure that the roof is sealed and that no daylight penetrates through roof cracks. Inspect the floor and make sure it is dry.

Recessed Lights Canisters

The presence of rust and corrosion indicates possible moisture invasion and a potential electrical hazard. Additional indicators for potential water damage are stains above or near the wood, or on the insulation around the canisters. Consider replacing old recessed lights canisters with newer, safer ones that include built in insulation.


Attic ventilation is important. Commonly, vents are installed along the peak of the roof. Moisture or surface discoloration near vents is a sign, locate the moisture source and fix the problem. When inspecting the roof, remove any bird nests and debris blocking the vents.


When damaged by moisture and water, the insulation becomes thin and flat. Check the insulation frequently, especially after the rain season. Touch it. If it feels wet, find the moisture source and fix the problem right away. Remember: wet insulation is useless, but it will continue to hold water for a while and will create high moisture conditions. If the insulation is wet, replace it.

Common Attic Appliances

Periodically, check attic air conditioners, swamp coolers and HVAC systems. Look for wear and tear and loose connections. Inspect around and under these appliances. Remember that appliances failures may cause water damage to everything that lies below.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

What You Should Know Before You Choose Wallpaper

Wallpaper varies greatly in its material content, which helps determine how a paper looks and how it handles. Vinyl wallpaper are popular because they are durable, fairly easy to install, and easy to maintain. There are fabric-backed vinyl, paper-backed vinyl, and ones designed to look like a three dimensional surface, such as plaster, granite, or grass cloth, which are suitable for walls that aren’t perfectly smooth.

Fabric wallpaper are usually made of cotton, linen, or other natural plant fibers, such as grass cloth, hemp, or burlap. Most textiles fray easily and are not washable. Solid paper wall coverings include hand-screened papers, foils, flocked papers with textured patterns, and murals. Both textile and paper wallpapers should be installed by professionals.

To determine how much wallpaper to buy, measure the height and width of each wall using a steel tape measure. Round up to the nearest foot. Multiply the height and width of each wall, and then add the figures together to get the rough square footage. How a room is used will help you determine what wall coverings are most suitable. Get a sample or one roll and look at it in the room with your other furnishings or samples.

When it comes to wall-coverings choices, you may want to think outside the box, as they say, and consider new materials as well as traditional materials used in new and different ways. Think about new places to use them, such as decorative tile in the dining room or wood in the bathroom. You might choose an elegant linen or flocked paper for the living room. Either kind of paper texture will add richness to a room.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Aluminum Cushion Patio Furniture

Choosing patio furniture can be a difficult decision with so many options. There is one option that is comfortable as well as beautiful to accent any patio, and that is aluminum cushion patio furniture.

Aluminum cushion patio furniture is the most comfortable patio furniture . Plush cushions and soft upholstered fabrics make sitting in a chaise lounge a very relaxing experience. The fabric chosen for upholstery can be suited to match any type of décor.

Aluminum cushion patio furniture is also a great choice for durability. The aluminum hardware is treated to be weather resistant, and is also designed with comfort in mind. Cushions also are treated to be mold and mildew resistant so they can survive the elements when left outside.

Aluminum cushion patio furniture has some unique design elements to offer as well. Instead of a set of simple chairs, aluminum cushion patio chairs can be swivel chairs or rocking chairs that allow for maximum mobility as well as comfort. An aluminum serving cart can also be ordered to compliment any aluminum cushion patio furniture set.

Aluminum cushion patio furniture is a great choice for commercial or residential use. It is a great idea when you want you gets to have the maximum comfort patio furniture can provide when sitting outdoors or poolside. It is more decorative than traditional aluminum patio furniture, so you know your guests will appreciate that.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Concrete Curb Landscaping


The concrete curbing industry is currently experiencing a period of high growth as home owners look for new ways to customize and personalize their homes without over capitalizing their investment.

For the last ten years or more, many people have been able to take advantage of steady growth in the housing and property market, which has enabled more people than ever to become home owners. This growth in the housing market has been driven by a range of factors, one of them being the baby boomer generation, who have gained access to large amounts of superannuation, which has in-turn has stimulated the property market. Most economists would now agree that property and housing sector is due for a period of reduced growth, although other businesses are set to thrive in these conditions. The concrete curbing and edging business is one of these businesses. For more visit

Obviously, people who do not own their own home are not going to be interested in spending money on concrete curbs and edges to beautify their rented dwelling, and this is why the housing boom has been so pivotal for our industry. Concrete curbing business owners need home owners with which to build a clientele and today the number of homeowners is higher than ever before. More importantly, this new generation of homeowners are far more informed about the value of renovating and landscaping their homes. They understand the importance of what realtors call “curb appeal”. Also they understand that it is very easy to overcapitalize your investment by spending up big on features that make little if any difference to a homes value.

This is where concrete curbs and concrete edging is enjoying growth in demand. Homeowners can see that for a small outlay, they can get significant improvement in the aesthetics of their outdoor areas. By getting concrete curbing around their garden beds and concrete edging along their paths they can make a significant change to the look of a garden without a big outlay.

With every demand for a service emerges a new business opportunity. Concrete curb businesses are in a niche due to the fact that the outlay required for starting the business, or startup costs are very low. Essentially the major costs are that of a concrete curbing machine, a trailer and an operator. To find out more about the initial startup capital required visit . Clearly this kind of opportunity is well suited to an able-bodied person who is looking to take some control over their finances and working environment. Obviously it requires people to take a greater degree of responsibility, although the low start up an operating cost mean far less stress on a financial level. Concrete curbing and concrete edging is definitely an area worth looking into.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

How to Winterize your Home

With the ice and snow reaching into the southern states this winter, is your home protected?

In the winter months, freezing rain and snow may cause damage to many homes across the country. With the high rise in cost for heating this year, many homes could save hundreds of dollars by simply preparing their homes for the harsh weather by winterizing, or prepping the home for winter.

How could you protect your home for the winter months? Winterizing your home is much simpler than most people think.

Start Winterizing Your Home by Sealing Leaks

One of the best ways to begin to winterize your home is to actually check the exterior of your house for cracks. A crack along the outside of your home lets heat out, making it more difficult to keep your house warm. Even houses with siding around the outside could have cracks along the fireplace, or even under the eaves. Windows and doors are the most popular areas for cracks.

Once you’ve located the problem areas, you can fill the cracks with a caulking compound. Apply a generous amount of caulking directly into the cracks and smooth the caulking out with your finger or a tool. Be sure to seal the crack completely as you smooth out the caulking.

Winterizing your Home by Protecting your Pipes

Pipes that go unprotected can freeze and burst with time. Broken pipes can cost thousands of dollars to replace. Avoid unnecessary costs by caring for your pipes properly in cold weather.

To start, identify any water hoses that may be hooked up. These hoses that are filled with water should be removed and emptied and put away during the freezing weather.

Next, outside faucets or piping can be protected from cold weather with heat tape. You can purchase heat tape from any local hardware store. Wrap the tape around exposed outdoor pipes and this should be enough to keep your faucets from freezing. If you have an outdoor pump system, even if it’s in a shed, it could still freeze up and cause problems if the weather is well below freezing. Use a heat lamp in the late evening hours to prevent freezing.

Winterizing Your Home with Insulation

Finally, if your house is lacking proper insulation, you could save hundreds of dollars on heating costs by getting it installed. Contact a professional installer and get an estimate for putting in insulation or get an evaluation if you don’t know if you need insulation.

Even if your home does have insulation, have it checked for any damage caused by leaks.

Insulation is inexpensive to have installed. You can do it yourself and save money by going to your local hardware store and getting the supplies.

Don’t forget to check the attic space for proper insulation. Many homebuilders may skip putting insulation in the roof to save on building costs, but this form of additional insulation significantly reduces heat releasing through the attic.

These simple steps are often overlooked, but could save thousands of dollars on heating costs and repairs to your home. Most of these things you can do yourself. Talk to your local hardware store or contact Maintenance Made Simple (1-866-373-7247 or for more ideas on how to winterize your home.

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Suave Brachowski writes for Maintenance Made Simple, a provider of home repair franchises. They are a full bodied home repair and remodeling company that offers quality craftsmanship at cost effective prices for its consumers. They are also a resource for homeowners who are looking for competent contractors to do a specific home repair or remodeling job. Their aim is to make the task of finding a qualified tradesman simple. For more information visit


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Outdoor Playground Equipment

Safe and fun, and a great learning tool for children.

Children’s playgrounds have come a long way from just swing sets and monkey bars. Modern playgrounds feature things like rock climbing walls, wave slides, crawl tunnels, not to mention steering wheels and telescopes. Playground creators have thought of everything to entertain and satisfy a child’s curiosity.

One of the greatest things of playgrounds is the developmental benefits they offer children. Playgrounds allow children to play freely, which helps mental and emotional development. When children are allowed free play in a structured environment like a playground, they are able to use their imagination and be spontaneous, which is an essential tool for developing a strong sense of well being.

Parents and adults can feel comfortable about the safety of playground sets. Commercial playground sets must pass a test of industry standards in order to be put on the market. Once often a hot topic, the safety of playgrounds is not so much an issue these days. Playgrounds sold now use minimal steel work in place of soft plastic, rubber, and nylon ropes. Plastic posts and decking keep the playground from rotting or splintering. These types of playground sets last considerably longer and require less maintenance than older steel structure models.

Here are some things to consider when buying playground equipment. First, how many children will be using the playground. Playgrounds vary greatly in size and number of components. How old will the children be who are using the playground? You may have to ensure that your playground is in compliance with the guidelines of ADA accessibility. Also important to keep in mind is where you are going to put the playground. Measure off an area and make sure the ground is level.

Now with more information on outdoor playground equipment, you can make the decision what type of playground equipment is right for you and your family, or your business.

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

A New Way To Improve Your Nutrition

A recent study found that over 80% of the public felt the need to improve their nutrition. This is not surprising considering the amount of news time devoted to the ‘obesity crisis’ and the concerns over spiraling health care costs arising out of chronic diseases such as diabetes. The study went on to say that most people did not have a clear understanding of what to do to improve their nutrition. has recently launched a dynamic website as a response to this need.

The NutritionInteractive ‘food finder’ is a food search engine that uses advanced internet technology to make it easy and fast to find foods that meet desired nutrition criteria. The website uses the ‘AJAX’ web technologies popularized by Google to supply amazing speed for the various steps required in building a new nutrition plan. uses the USDA’s food nutrient database as the basis for our nutrition information. As well, we have added popular foods that are not in the USDA database such as ‘Splenda’. The key to the success of the NutritionInteractive nutrition system is the speed and ease of use. We have carefully arranged the foods in a logical hierarchy. The use of a hierarchy helps us present lists of foods in the way people generally look for things. A simple example would be if you wanted to serve fish for dinner but couldn’t decide what kind of fish. We give you the option to look for general categories eg. ‘fish’ or more specific searches eg ‘salmon’. In this way we make it easy and fast to find foods and combine them into meals and nutrition plans.

For NutritionInteractive the challenge of achieving better nutrition is viewed as a challenge of information and time. Our users need to be able to get the necessary information to make sound nutrition choices in a very short time. We felt a large component of the nutrition challenge was one of convenience. We wanted a time challenged homemaker to be able to arrive at our site and within five minutes have a delicious and nutritious one week nutrition plan. This was, however, a considerable goal. The average meal has eight ingredients. If you are planning twenty-one meals (3/day for a week) you need to find and combine more than one hundred and fifty foods.

To achieve the necessary speed and convenience we built a food ‘search engine’ with the design goal of being able to find any food in just five keystrokes. This makes building recipes and meals very fast. We also added a revolutionary feature called ‘versioning’. With versioning you can make personal copies of any recipe or nutrition plan and make it the basis for your own version. Once you have your version, you are free to make any changes. The original remains unchanged. We keep track of the versions and so you can see the changes that other users make to ‘improve’ the base recipe.

The real power of the NutritionInteractive nutrition improvement system comes when you start building nutrition plans. A nutrition plan is one week of meal ideas. The theory behind a meal plan is that to effectively improve our nutrition we need to find a way to reorganize our eating habits. The nutrition plan does just that. Using the incredible speed of the ‘AJAX’ powered interface, you can build a nutrition plan with one full week of meals for an entire household in just a few minutes. Once you have built a nutrition plan, will automatically produce a shopping list so you can be sure to be able to purchase all the necessary food items in one shopping trip. You can also start with one of already built nutrition plans and modify to fit your nutrition profile. adds revolutionary new capabilities to the potential of the Internet to improve our nutrition.

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Pat Capozzi has had a diverse background in food and nutrition. After opening several resturants he became involved as the director of development of one the leading food dot.coms.
This led to the formation of the next generation of nutrition site using the 'Ajax' Technologies.


Friday, March 09, 2007

Glass Deck Railings – Where Class Should Be Visible

Add Sparkle To Space – Use Glass Railings

Glass railings with some transparency and a lot reflection from glass can create a different kind of atmosphere to a place that has been lit up brightly. If you see a Dubai gold mart for example, you will be able to see lot of glass railing in market. The well-lit mart becomes alive with reflection from gold and the use of glass everywhere, including the railings, accentuates the feeling of fun of shopping.The complete reflection from all surfaces adds to the glitter of gold there. If you use wood or any other railings there, the effect will not be as electric.

Customized Solutions - Glass Railings

Glass railings are never available as ready made material that can be cut and fitted as required. When you wish to use glass railings, the idea is to accentuate the atmosphere of the whole place and hence you may have to consider the all the factors including the lighting. The holistic approach has to be applied to the whole place rather than just fitting the glass railings.

Advantage Glass Railings – No Maintenance Absolutely

The main advantage of the glass railings is that it requires no maintenance at all. There is no requirement of polishing or the possibility of mildew formation or and degradation of quality of the installed railings. Apart from the general cleaning, the glass railing continues to look as good as new all the time. Replacements unless the glass breaks are not necessary.

Advantage 2 - Tender Handling By Customers

Because of the perception of glass as breakable material, everyone handles it carefully even when tender handling is not required. Therefore, when children try riding the railings, immediately the parents come in and prevent the children from doing so. This happens, as the glass is feared to be breakable even when it is not and this prevents any undesirable incidents in a shopping complex.

Advantage 3 - Inviting Atmosphere

The glass with its openness results in a place where the shoppers feel invited and indulge in more shopping than may be warranted by their capacity and the shop owner gets the advantage of higher turnover.

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Adam Peters is a freelance author who contributes adding interesting articles to a deck and porch railings website. Adam publishes ideas for railing plans and designs at Reach more articles on modern glass railing designs at


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lace Curtains, Valances, Tiers and Panels – Charming Window Coverings To Mix and Match


Designing Lace Curtain window coverings can be very confusing. Let's try to simplify the challenge by starting with the very basics. Most major Lace Curtain suppliers offer many different pieces to be used in combinations to arrive at completely different looks. The pieces have various names including One Piece Swags, Fan Swags, Swag Pairs, Valances, Tiers and Panels. They are woven into delicate lace patterns or stunningly bold Macrame ring lace. Depending how you use them, your window treatment can be formal or casual, simple or ornate. Whatever combination you use can greatly influence your over-all design goals.


The simplest design would be to use a Lace Valance and a Lace Tier together as shown here. This picture uses a Macrame Ring Lace, however, any Lace Valances and Tiers can be used for the same effect. This design is shown on tension rods inside the window casing. The treatment also can be used where both Valance and Tier are mounted on rods that are attached to the wall outside of the window frame. Another attractive style would be to mount the Valance on an outside mount rod and the Tier on a tension rod inside the jamb. In yet a different version you could mount the Valance on an outside mount rod and use a full length Lace Panel or pair of Panels on a rod under the Valance rod. One of these options may be just what you want but, hold on, we are just getting started.

You may want a more formal treatment as shown here. It consists of a Swag Pair with a Valance in between and a full length Panel underneath. As another option, in a narrower window, you could eliminate the in between Valance and just use the Swag Pair or a One Piece Swag. If you use two Panels you could tie them back to each side for a totally different style. Also, a Priscilla look could be created by using a second Panel underneath the first Panel and tying them back to opposite sides.

There is another design, shown here, that uses a little of all of the above ideas but is more informal and could be used in a den, dinette or kitchen area. Please notice that this picture also shows one window treatment used over two separate windows which creates the impression of enlarging the spaciousness of your room.

As you can see, Lace Curtains can be highly personalized to create the very look that makes your home warm and inviting We are not finished yet. Let's think even more outside of the box. What if you have a curved top window. That's easy. Just find a solid metal rod and bend it to the same contour as your window frame and use the same designs we just discussed. How about another idea. If you have two corner windows you have the option of treating them as one window or two windows. You can mount separate curtains on each window or as in the picture above you can make the two windows look like one giving the effect of a much larger window.


Hopefully with this new knowledge you will really enjoy creating your very own professional looking décor by stretching your imagination. The above pictures of window treatments are just a start. You can probably think of many additional attractive ways to arrive at your own person choices of Lace Curtains. In fact, you could even vary the treatments by purchasing lace yardage and sewing your own version of a window treatment. Best of luck with your newly discovered design freedom.

About The Author
Allen Nelson will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have about lace curtain design PLUS you can review even more design tips when you visit his web site

The author brings to this article 30 years of experience in the interior design field including custom window decorating design, fabrication and installation. His specialties involve all types of window décor as in custom made draperies, ready made lace curtains and macrame ring lace as well as blinds and shades. His designs have been used in a variety of settings in many beautiful homes throughout Southern California.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Builder’s Dust – Removing It

Have you ever had renovations or alterations done to your property? Then you are fully aware of the amount of fine dust that is generated and manages to get absolutely everywhere even in places far removed from the actual working area. You then spend hours, days and possibly weeks attempting to remove this dust. Is there a much faster route to dust removal?

There most certainly is and it means following two or three rules if you wish to be successful.

· Never attempt to sweep up the dust and debris. If there are large pieces of masonry, plaster and other building materials then you have no option but to sweep this up for its removal. When doing so ensure that as much air flow through is generated by opening all available windows and doors. Do not attempt to carry out the final clean for several hours after doing this. Allow all the dust to settle before attempting this procedure. Sweeping simply throws huge amounts of dust into the air which will then be gradually deposited on every available surface from ceiling to floor.

· Always vacuum the dust from all surfaces such as sills and skirting, around window frames and door frames using the small attachments that are supplied with the vacuum. Upright vacuums unless they come with a long length of hose attachment are not ideal for this as it is likely there will be some use of step ladders to reach and vacuum the higher points in the rooms.

· Having vacuumed thoroughly all surfaces including the vertical ones where dust is likely to gather these surfaces should then be wiped down with a damp cloth. If marks and stains have appeared then it is advisable to carry out this procedure using a universal cleaner.

· With regard to the flooring, carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed, but if it is hard flooring then after vacuuming a scrubber drier should be used. Simply mopping alone will not remove the dust. Mopping will only wet the dust and spread it around so that it dries as ‘muddy’ streaks.

· If floor boarding is in place then after vacuuming carpet should be laid as soon as possible because every time the boards are walked on dust will rise out of the gaps in the boarding and settle on all the surfaces once again.

· If a scrubber drier is not available then use a mop with a large amount of water and wet vac the water up rather than mop it up. This may require two treatments to be completely successful.

If you follow these simple guidelines then your property should be free of builders dust in record time.

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David Andrew Smith is the owner of a commercial cleaning services company that provides its services throughout the UK.


Monday, March 05, 2007

Staying cool on the patio


Nothing is more uncomfortable for you guests than to sit on a hot concrete patio without any shade available. A good quality patio umbrella helps block the sun and provide shade to offer a cooler environment in hot months. Not only are umbrellas practical, but they provide privacy and elegance to any outdoor seating arrangement. Patio umbrellas are now made with many unique features. Some beach umbrellas are designed for maximum wind resistance.

There are several types of patio umbrellas to choose from depending on your location. For typically patio or pool side seating, a good choice is an aluminum crank patio umbrella. They range in size from 7 to 10 feet and can be ordered in a variety colors and patterns.

Beach seating requires a more heavy duty umbrella that can withstand the elements. Beach umbrellas are typically made of fiberglass and are built to withstand high winds, bright sun, and salt air.

Patio umbrellas are also available as part of a patio table set. These types are great for eating or picnic areas. They can seat large groups of people and are also stain resistant, so clean up is easy.

Another way to dress up your patio with umbrellas is to order a custom design patio umbrella. Some can be built to look like a palm tree umbrella, which is provides great atmosphere for any beach or tropical resort. Also consider a patio umbrella that is lined with small twinkle lights, which give a romantic atmosphere for evening patio parties. Umbrellas can be lit up to make it look like a night sky canopy.

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The Only Way To Hire A Contractor

Everywhere you go everybody always gives you the same advice on how to choose a contractor. They simply say get three estimates, and call the Better Business Bureau. There is a much better way to hire a contractor to ensure you get what you want; a quality job at a fair price. Don’t get three estimates.

Basically most people including contractors are fair and honest. They want to perform a service for you and get paid so they can provide for their family just as you need to provide for yours. Why everybody assumes and implies that contractors in general are swindlers simply isn’t fair or correct.

You may hear on the news that a homeowner lost a substantial amount of money from a corrupt contractor. What you don’t hear about is the other thousands of contractors providing good quality work on a daily basis.

The advice of getting three estimates for every job is bad advice. What most people will do when they get three estimates is to naturally choose the lowest bid. A few are enlightened and will choose the average bid, versus the highest or the lowest. But either way, having three contractors come do a free estimate for you leads to bad service for everybody.

A contractors time is very valuable just as yours is. Now when you get an estimate and inform this contractor that you are going to get three bids, you are implying that his ethics may be lacking, which isn’t very nice. You have also put a lot of pressure on him because he needs the work to feed his family and keep his employees working. Naturally he is going to give you the lowest bid he can to ensure he gets the job. In turn the other two contractors that follow him are going to need the job also. So depending on how desperate they are for work will depend how low they will bid to get this job. This constant form of playing cutthroat with their competitors leads them to underbid jobs just so they have work.

After they lose money on a job they are even more desperate to get the next job. What this does is leads contractors into financial problems and it leads to bad service, not being able to do the job correctly and a lot of stress for them. This can cause even a man with the sturdiest ethics to lose his footing. He will want to perform a quality job as agreed but when he doesn’t have any money to pay his employees or to buy materials he simply can’t do it.

If everybody always has three free estimates performed then it takes the contractors away from supervising their employees on your job site. You made a contract with him, and he is whom you will want to communicate with during the job. If he is off giving free estimates and not able to watch his employees, the quality of the job may suffer. In addition if an employee gets hurt, a water pipe breaks, or they run out of supplies the job will stop right there. All in all, insisting on three estimates does everybody a disservice and leads to unhappy people, including you.

Somehow people get the idea that contractors make a lot of money. I was a contractor and I know that is not correct. It is a very competitive business and it isn’t hard to lose a substantial amount of money very quickly.

The best way to hire a contractor is via word of mouth. If you need some work done and you see a contractors sign in a yard, stop and talk to him. Look at his project, the safety measures, his employees, the quality of his tools and the quality of his work. Talk to the owner and see if he is pleased with the work. Call the Better Business Bureau and ask about this contractor. The BBB can be circumvented because they register contractors by their phone number. With cell phones, unethical contractors can change their business name, get a new cell phone number and place a new ad in the newspaper. So check to see if their phone number is a home phone number or a cell phone. It is always better to locate a contractor in the phone book, if you don’t go by word of mouth.

Once you have located a contractor that you deem does the quality work you want done, ask for an estimate. Tell him you would like the estimate to be itemized with the materials and labor separate.

A good rule of thumb for estimates is that the labor will be double the amount of materials. A smaller job will be more for labor.

When he brings a contract ask him to also bring his insurance binder that certifies he has current liability insurance. If he requires a down payment inform him that you would prefer to make the first payment after a fair amount of work has been done. If he has a problem with that and indicates any sign of financial trouble you may want to rethink your choice. Before you sign the contract get a verbal or written agreement from him that he will be on site during the job.

If you take these steps your experience with a contractor will be pleasant. Do your part and recommend the good contractor to your friends. Never get three free estimates. This same advice to protect you against consumer fraud is the cause of the problem.

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Dale B. Adams
The Author and Self Publisher; Dale B. Adams of Majestic Publishers just released the new book, “Care Giving Made Easy - How to be an Awesome Caregiver,” It was designed to assist America during the massive transition of our growing elderly population.


Bathtub Repairs FAQ

A bath tub is a relaxing thing to have in one’s bathroom. After a very stressful day at work or at school, a person could just retire and relax at the comfort of his/her bath tub. It has proven its usefulness and most people who have it will spend a lot of money to make sure it is working properly and that it stays that way.

However, even if these people loved and took care of the tub, there will still be some problems as the bath tub grows old. Stains and cracks will show. Leaks will appear and faucets will not work. While some of these can be remedied easily, others will require help. Here are some questions most bath tub lover will ask about repairing their bath tubs.

Why Repair a Bath Tub When You Can Just Buy a Replacement?

This question is the most frequently asked question by most bath tub users. Bath tubs costs just around $100 and most of them can afford it. However, when they consider the cost of the demolition, removal and disposal of the tub plus plumbing then add the cost of setting tiles and flooring/carpentry involved, they might have an estimate of about $2000. This cost is too much when a repair will just cost them much less than that.

What is Bath Tub Restoration?

During years of use bath tubs tend to have stains and will probably have scratches here and there. Bath tub restoration includes taking those stains and scratches out. These can be done either by hired help or by yourself. Even though this can be done by untrained people, it is recommended to hire a trained person to do this for your bath tub.

Bath tub restoration involves washing the surface and applying a solvent. It will then be neutralized, etched and sandpapered. Bath tub restoration, when done properly will give your bathroom a new glow, making it look cleaner and brighter.

What is Bath Tub Refinishing?

After bath tub restoration, refinishing must be done to make it last longer and to require you to restore it less than necessary. Refinishing should be done by trained craftsmen as they use a special chemical called Aliphatic Acrylic Polyurethane Enamel. This job can be easily finished in a day so you should have your bath tub in less than a day.

What are Bath Tub Liners and Why Should I Think of Using Them?

Bath tub liners are custom-made to fit your bath tub. These liners will make sure that chipping and scratches on your tub is already history. A new bath tub liner is installed on a bath tub and it can be done a matter of hours. There is no additional cost as the plumbing, flooring and tiles are completely untouched.

Should You Do the Job Yourself or Should You Hire a Specialist?

A specialist will cause you more but repairs on your tub will last longer. Unless you do a very satisfactory job, it is recommended to ask for a specialist’s help as the cost of hiring one is worth than the cost of doing it again and the inconvenience it will bring you.

When Should I Consider Buying a New Tub?

Buying a new bath tub is only recommended when the total cost estimated by the specialist will cost you more than buying and reinstalling a new tub, then go for a new tub.

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Claire Bowes is a successful Webmaster and publisher of bath tubs & bathing. Claire provides more information on her site about Bathtub Repairs that you can research at home.


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Buying Displayed Furniture

Have you ever just had to have a certain piece of furniture right then – you won’t leave the store without it? If you have ever had such an experience, you have probably been offered the displayed floor model. If you have not had a similar experience, be aware of these issues that might arise when buying a demo, displayed piece of furniture.

Most stores can order furniture for you unless the particular model you want is being discontinued. Or, unless you absolutely, positively plan to walk out of the store with the sofa, recliner, or other piece of furniture that very day.

If you find yourself in either of the above situations, you should be aware of the pros and cons of buying a demo or displayed piece of furniture.

The biggest pro, obviously, is being able to have the instant gratification of immediate ownership. If really, really want a piece of furniture that is on display, try to hold your enthusiasm for the piece until you can talk with the sales person. Ask if there is a discount for buying the floor model. That would be a second pro. If a commissioned sales person can see how desperate you are to own that piece of furniture, he or she might be more likely to hold you to the original price. The best way to proceed is to ask the sales person what kind of price he can give you for that piece. Then, ask what price he can give you on the floor model. With any luck, the prices will show a decrease each time you ask!

If there is no discount for buying the floor model, proceed with caution. Don’t let your urge for immediate ownership of the furniture to keep you from getting the best deal. Back away and think about it. Can you wait another two weeks for a brand new piece of furniture to be shipped to your house? If the answer is no, go back and look at the furniture. Prepare to give it a good inspection.

If it is a sofa or chair, chances are that many of people have tried it out by sitting in it. Look at the seat. Is it worn or showing any signs of wear? Check out the back. Sometimes the natural oils from hair or the back side of necks can rub off on furniture cushions. Look for oily spots on the cushions.

Take a look at the arms. Are they worn? Pay special attention to the cording on the arms and cushions. As people get up or lean back to get comfortable, the cording gets extra friction against it and shows signs of wearing sooner.

Next, check the seams. Are any of the seams pulling apart? This might happen if a number of people have tried out the furniture. As people sit on the cushions, the seams tend to pull. They generally go back in place when the person gets up, but continued use could cause seams to separate permanently.

If you spot any signs of wear, point them out to the sales person. If he still won’t come down off the price, walk on by. Place your order and wait for a perfect model to arrive just for you!

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Bob Benson is the founder of Furniture online. You can check out our website at


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New Deck Railings Ideas

Ideas For Deck Railing – Only Limitation Is imagination

The article gives imaginative solutions for decking in your house and surroundings. The only limitation in the design is the imagination and the spending power of the owner.

Your decking is a place for your social functions, BBQ parties, a place where you can enjoy nature, and an open space for you where you can be romantic. Depending on the space you have for decking, you can have flowing lines without any acute angles. The general ideas that you will have to remember in such cases are,

Ensure that the space is as open as possible, and without the gaps. A large continuous space is more inviting than two separate spaces even though they total the same area in square feet.

The deck should have a number of accesses points nearly every 20 to 25 feet. An open space with access at limited spaces feels like a congested place even if the area is large.

The deck railing of modern houses have to be flowing and without sharp corners and acute angles. An acute angle is acts like a break in the flowing lines. Decking railing meting at an acute angle is just not acceptable unless space requirement demands it.

Modern Materials Of Construction For Deck Railing

Any material that has shine and luster, and requires minimum maintenance (like painting or polishing) is the material for modern decking. That leaves the wood in its raw form as the modern material for deck railing. The wood being prone to deterioration to forces of nature is not an ideal material for decking railing. Wood also is not a material that takes flowing form without requiring large human input. Stainless steel, Powder coated steel, anodizes aluminum, or steel coated with PVC fill this requirement perfectly. Depending the money at the disposal of owner, the choices can be exercised.

Care For Handicapped – Install Special Railings

While installing the deck railing, it is always necessary to care for the handicapped, irrespective of the extent of the handicap.This would mean that the approaches to all the platforms shall be gradual and the side deck railings should be such that the persons with special needs can come to the deck and exit the deck without help from others and they can do it safely. That means that the deck railing in the area of approach and exit should be designed for persons with special needs.

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Adam Peters adds articles regularly to An online DIY magazine that carries reviews on decks and porches. Adam publishes designs and ideas for succesful deck railing plans. You can reach further articles on these ideas at