Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Comforting Someone Dealing With Anticipatory Grief

Dealing with anticipatory grief is tough to deal with, may it be after death or before, it is acceptable that there's no topic more difficult to deal with than grieving. And this is where the beauty of friendship comes. More than sharing all those happy and fun times, all those sharing secrets and stories, the true test of friendship can arise during those difficult times when we cope with grief, particularly with anticipatory grief.

Of course, we all want to help and be there for our friends and buddies when and if that time happens. But where to start and how do we go about it? Preparation is very helpful here. If ever you've had grieving experiences before, imagine how you felt at that time.

You can actually become familiar with the grieving process, and that also includes anticipatory grief. And while we're into it, you can make an effort with these tried and tested tips. 1. First and foremost, be a good listener to your friend. The mere act of listening to a person dealing with anticipatory grief will help someone feel lighter, release their pained emotions, and will aid them in talking about their loss.

Asking questions to an anguished friend will bring to mind the memory of his/her dying loved one. 2. Be there for your friend-be accessible. Since your friend is stressed and lonely, you can always try to be there for her/him. You can say, "I'll always be here if ever you need me", "I'm just a text or phone call away", "You can call me anytime", or "I'll be happy to be your designated driver this week".

You know, little things like those can be a big help for someone coping with anticipatory grief. 3. Be decisive-ask your loved ones how you could help them. Sometimes a person can be so drowned in their own sorrow and distress that they don't know what they need. You may step in and be a shoulder to cry on.

4. Patience is a virtue, so use it-- accept that your pal might take a long time to come into terms with normalcy and reality and the imminent loss. And this is where you must put your patience to the test. Anticipate but willingly accept to hear stories being rehashed over again and over again, but that's okay.

Just bear in mind and be grateful that she chose you as his/her sounding board and he/she trusts you that much. 5. Be helpful and sensible-- also, try offering to assist in some daily tasks. Some daily or mundane tasks like buying dog food, making phone calls, babysitting kids, preparing meals, grocery shopping or driving the kids home can be a great deal of help and support for the individual mourning or experiencing anticipatory grief.

Especially during this time, a person's appetite diminishes-so it's very helpful if you prepare meal food in advance. Also, be honest to tell them if they need professional help if extremely depressed. Bereavement counselors, therapy sessions and support groups can offer very effective advice.

About The Author
The author of this article, Amy Twain, is a Self Improvement Coach who has been successfully coaching and guiding clients for many years. Amy recently published a new home study course on how to boost your Self Esteem. Click here to get more info about her Quick-Action Plan for A More Confident You.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Control Yourself and Change Your Life

It's funny - if that's the right word for it - so many people get so frustrated because they feel that they're not in control of their own lives. And the irony is that almost none of these people will take control of the one thing in their lives over which they can exercise absolute and total control - their own state of mind.

A couple of important points before we talk about state of mind. First of all, you're not in control of your life and you never will be - there are just too many variables at play for you to be able to control them, to say nothing of the fact that you cannot control anyone else at all. Secondly - and this is the really important point - you can influence others and greatly influence the course of your life but only if you're in control of your own mind. It's not hard to understand why most people become so frustrated!

If you're normal - and there's an overwhelming chance that you are - your mind is all over the place. From the normal ordinary distraction from which the average mind suffers every day, to the more deeply-rooted ravings and wanderings of the subconscious mind (you're not aware that it's going on - but it is - it's subconscious!) the normal mind is completely and utterly out of control. If you're not in control of your own state of mind you have no chance whatsoever of influencing the course of your life - except, perhaps, from the perspective that you could make it worse than it already is!

If you want to influence the course of your life, if you want to change your life for the better, you're going to have to grab control of the levers of power in your own head - you're going to have to start pushing your own buttons and turning yourself on! At the moment, you're switched off - your subconscious is idling in the past, thinking that it's the present, your conscious mind is idling in the future, worrying that what it doesn't want to happen will actually happen - there's very little of you focused on living your life at all.

Gaining control of your own mind means that you will be able to decide to, say, take some important action in your life without your mad mind showering you with dozens of excuses and reasons why you cannot take that action. You'll be able to wave bye-bye to worry - because worry's only a thought that you, because you're not already in control, have decided to focus on. Stress will pack its bags and be on the same flight as worry! Stress is only you thinking that you're stressed! And all your feelings of inadequacy will be stripped bare are recognized for what they are - a load of useless thought that you've been dragging around with you all of your adult life. Your inadequacies are perceptions that you've chosen to believe because, once again, you haven't already taken control of your mind.

Think of the liberation - think of what you'll be able to do - think about how much more fun life could be - think of the carefree life that you'll be able to live. No, don't think about it - do it. Take control of the one and only thing that you can control in your life and everything else will fall into place. To control your mind you need to understand that it makes sense of your world and who you think you are by using your five senses. However, what you see, feel, hear, smell and taste is filtered through your 'stored knowledge' - the view that you have of you and the world that has been dragging you down for years. This filtering process has been ruining your life by warping reality into what now passes for your normal life. This filtering happens automatically - but you can stop it because, once upon a time, you lived, loved and laughed without that filter in place - when you were a young child.

You've got to become childlike - in the clear state of mind that you were in as a child, when you had no baggage, didn't see life through some dirt-encrusted filter - when you were all there, fully alive. What you have to do is stop your filtering process and see, feel, hear, smell and taste your life today for what it really is, not what you think it is. When you stop filtering you start living - you begin to realize that life is, in fact, full of potential upside, not overwhelmed with downside. You begin to understand that there are things that you can do that you never believed possible - because your beliefs were based on false, out of date, personal baggage.

So, come to your senses. Start putting time aside, every single day, to simply focus on what you see, feel, hear, smell and taste. Start re-training your mind to pay full attention to what's real and, in doing so, pay no attention at all to the unreal world of your habitual useless thoughts. Once you drop your filter, once you take control, everything in your life will change - you'll become the director of your own orchestra, the creator of your own life - a life that's really worth living.

About The Author
Willie Horton has been a Personal Development expert since 1996 - working with top leaders in major organizations. An Irish ex-accountant, ex-banker, published author and keynote speaker, he travels the world, from his home in the French Alps, enabling people "live the dream". All his work - including his acclaimed Personal Development Workshop - is now online at http://www.gurdy.net

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

What Skills Do I Need for Career Planning?

When you are looking forward to plan a career for yourself the first and the most important thing that you will need is to highlight your strengths and skills and thereby plan projecting on them. Understanding your own interests and inclinations will help you plan the career better and more judiciously. Firstly, you will have to work with the factors that govern your career choice or your decision. Then just work on the suitable skills that you feel will help you work the best and attain great heights in the path you choose. Just sort things within yourself, as to what career you want for yourself then just put forward the skills that will help you.

Assessing yourself and others

When you are thinking of career planning just remember following a few steps will help you to not only assess and plan your own career but help others as well once successful. There are definitely a few skills needed for career planning that will help you work better irrespective of the path you choose. That is assessing your skills and the requirements of a particular job. Firstly, you will have to work on the skills and the strengths that you possess thereby deciding on the job that you want to work in. once you have chosen the job and the position that you want to apply. You will have to concentrate now on your positive points once more to see how well you will fit intro the position you are considering. This is the primary assessment to begin with.

Leadership qualities and the ability to handle situations

Just wondering -what skills do I need for career planning, is not going to help you achieve anything. You will have to possess certain job planning skills as well to help you work better on the day-to-day basis and achieve better results. This is the leadership skills that you need. To be organized and present yourself in the best possible way, where you are ready with your strengths every time will help you achieve better with the subordinates and even the superiors. Practical knowledge is thus very necessary to bring out the best in you on the regular basis rather than a very high educational background.

Communication is the key to success

When you have worked on the main two parameters of career planning, you will still ponder over the question of what skills do I need for career planning? Never mind there is still quite a bit left before you can say you have actually perfectly handled the planning part. This is the employment planning skills, which becomes important in a moment. Yes when you are looking forward to a regular job the most important skill in fact, that will surpass and cover up all other strength of yours is the communication skills. Being able to talk to people with confidence and handle the worst of personalities in minutes and also speaking and sorting the best way is the key to success when it comes to handling a proper position.

When you have worked exactly with these ways in the best possible way there is no loopholes left to keep wondering, what skills do I need for career planning. You have almost most successfully handled your career and planned it the best way to get a job and survive in th9s competitive professional world. Once you have worked, the best for yourself try to plan for others and who knows soon you will become a successful career planner yourself.

About The Author
Silas Reed, Writer for http://www.hound.com Hound, writes articles that inform and teach about different job profiles and career advice. Please visit http://www.hound.com for a list of some of the many job listings we offer in various fields.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Reinventing Your Life After Leaving Your Job Is Easy When You Follow This 5 Stage Process

Have you ever been surprised by how someone's view of you is different from how you see, or think, of yourself?

This has happened to be three times that I can recall. The first was my child-minder who described me as cool, together and organised. I, on the other hand, always felt rushed and arrived having left half of what I need someplace else.

The second was when a consultant told me I had an amazingly logical approach to organising information. Wow!

The third was when I was told I had a magnetic personality, whilst I felt a dull and rather frumpy. That one was life changing.

Sometimes, the revelation of the real us to outsiders, can be pleasant, whilst at others times it can be a reminder of how easy it is to lose sight of ourselves.

Losing who we are, is often the result of living out daily roles - soldier, pilot, caring mother, loyal husband - and as we become used to living the role, it is easy to neglect other parts of ourselves. Before we realise, we're trapped in a groove that we didn't imagine or want, or a role that we outgrew long ago but, which still lingers on like Banquo's ghost. We've gone away from who we really are.

If we stray too far from our authentic self then we can feel stuck. Feelings of staleness, being unchallenged, agitation and boredom are an indication that we're heading, or have already arrived, at this point.

If you've made a change away from your former life, such as leaving the armed forces, or leaving a long term career, then hanging on albeit it unwittingly, to the old role and the old you can be deadly.

The statistics surrounding the number of ex armed force's personnel who are living on the streets, or are in prison, are startling. We have to wonder why previously organised and prosperous individuals floundered so desperately after leaving the armed forces. Could it be that they are still living within their previous role and identity, but are now outside of the service where that life existed?

Possibly the best way out of an impasse and to head of a catastrophe after a role changes is to embrace the process of reinvention.

Reinvention is more than a new wardrobe and a funky hairdo. It's a deep internal change which affects you, and how you interact with your environment. Such a change starts byF considering your existing values and deciding who you want to be. And then making that change.

A while ago I examined my values and realised that one of my top priorities was being secure. What did this mean? For me it meant being employed in an institution for years and steadfastly ignoring the boredom and lack of fulfillment and kidding myself that promotion made it worthwhile. It also meant staying in a loveless marriage with a hard working (secure) individual, instead of cracking out on my own.

By changing my top values to freedom and happiness, my life changed. Could Richard Branson be the Richard Branson we know if his top value was security? No. So, if you want to be like Richard Branson, you will need to take on some of his values. You don't need to know him intimately to do this, you can just imagine what his values would have to be to generate the public persona.

That's stage one in the reinvention process.

Stage two is to realise you are the CEO of your own company. You always have been. Now what sort of a company are you running? Is it fuddy duddy, or out there on the cutting edge? You need to create your own brand, so are you a Werthers Original Toffee or Yoi Sushi?

Stage 3 is to write your life story. Get down on paper where you are heading, and what you want to be doing one week, one month, one year and ten years henceforth.

Stage 4 is to set up your personal stall of products. So, what have you got to offer? If you could step forward one year and look back at what you have achieved, and the value you have added to the world, would you be content?

Stage 5 is to ask yourself how you relate to others, and to do this in two ways. Firstly, we make decisions which impact on other people, so lets consider the effect. Secondly, are we being unduly influenced by those around us?

Do people have a hold on us, we are not aware of?

It can be shocking to many people to discover how much of their daily and life decisions, and actions, are driven by what others might think, instead of what they want to do to create a fulfilling life.

Finally, a bit of a heads up about reinventing yourself. It can be scary and exiting, for you and those around you. If you are getting resistance from loved ones about the changes, then offer reassurance, but not that everything will stay the same, because it won't. Offer reassurance that everything will be progressing, because whatever the outcome, reinvention always leads to forward motion.

About The Author
Sian Murphy combines professional management (MInstLM) & certified NLP techniques . She co-founded Leaving The Armed Forces with ex soldier and husband Mark Jennings. Mark was surprised to find he was struggling to fit in with civilian life and business after the army, and today they use their experiences and skills to help other service leavers. You can download your free 30 page report here

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Prosperous Career Through Character Education

In today's education, the significance is slowly but gradually shifting from ethical values and character building. Even though the important aspect should have been Character education and personality development, the utmost importance is now been given to careers and jobs. People are more concerned or worried about immediate results rather than achieving long-term gains. Bearing this in mind, I would like to share some of my views on the utmost necessity of raising awareness on character and value education. As mentioned above, traditional education used to place a lot of significance on the character education. The traits and values of character education were then well imbibed into the mind and spirit of each and every student and even the teachers made all their efforts to stand as examples in respect of character and its values.

That's not the scenario now. As far as Character education is concerned, that element of interest is missing. One should always keep in mind that without character, no one can contribute anything for the betterment of quality of life on earth. Openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism and trustworthiness are some of the important facets of character. People who possess good character always checks whether they are unduly taking advantage of others. In this present world, one can build a good reputation or gain respect only by being fair to others.

Every parent has always or if not, they should stand as immediate examples or role models for their children to mould their character in the most agreeable manner in the society. We take or inherit values and culture from our parents, who always play a crucial role in our lives. After parents the school or college life comes with all its myriad influences. Foremost among them is the way in which our teachers make an impact on our formative minds. A good and a perfect teacher will always tries to instill confidence in their students and prompt them to do good things in their day to day lives. Ultimately, it is not just education alone that matters the most. But it is the overall personality that matters.

To conclude, let me reiterate that if anyone who has extremely good values and an equally strong personality, it will help himself or herself in finding good opportunities in their career. And we will all agree that persons with good character and conduct are much sought after in any industry and academia. With hard work, persistent efforts and good values achieved through character education, there is nothing one cannot achieve.

About The Author
Academic instruction isn't the only responsibility teachers have in today's classrooms. More and more, teachers are being called on to teach students about values ... things like making good decisions, the showing of respect, taking responsibility, choosing friends, and having a positive attitude. It's a responsibility that could be overwhelming, considering the limited hours available in a school day, the number of kids in the classroom, and the diversity of backgrounds and personalities each child represents.
Character Education by Just Do The Right Thing" is a practical and powerful tool that equips educators to tackle values training with confidence.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What Kills Our Passion?

I have a friend, really I do, that has one of the most uninspiring, soul drain, passion killing habits that I have ever seen. This friend packs his lunch everyday. No, that's not the U.S.D.P.K part of it all. He packs his lunch on a Sunday night for the week, and every sandwich is the same. He has Devon (yuck) with tomato sauce. Every. Single. Day.

Oh my God. I mean, I hate Devon, especially the old party favourite of Devon wrapped around cold mashed potato (oh yes that was the FANCY treat of the 70's). But that's not the main point either. It's the fact that his lunch is so, well, boring.

I hate to see he is what he is like in the rest of his life. What's he day like? What's his entertainment like. What's he like in bed? Well maybe I don't want to know that last one. I just don't understand how anybody can be like that. How can anybody be so repetitive? How can anybody be so repetitive?

You see, it's the boring, mundane, repetitive stuff in life that kills out passion. How can we be expected to love, or hate, if we are just bored with the world? We see the same people every day, we do the same things, we eat the same food, and we just get dull.

You think about when you first meet somebody new that you like, really like. You feel alive, your heart races, you want to be with them, do new thing together and go new place. It's great. That new love gets you living again.

But after a couple of years, you get tired of the same old jokes, the snoring, the picking of the nose, the butt scratching and all the bad habits. Work, debts and the demands of the kids stops you from being inventive. You fall into a routine, and before you know it Romeo is gone and all that is left is Homer Simpson.

Life gets so dull that while you stop putting out the love, you can't even care about the injustices of the world anymore either. Who cares if Kev and Jules's have a fight and someone stabbed someone in the back. You don't care about the Gulf and the sick birdies; you just want to know that you can still fill your car up liquefied dinosaurs.
The only thing that you have left with passion is a small seedy fruit that goes well on ice-cream. And the major problem for most people is that they don't even know that this has happened to their lives. They are so uninterested in what is going on in their lives; they can't even tell that they are drowning in dreariness.

Think about this. When was the last time you went on holidays and got away from the routine? When was the last time you went out to dinner somewhere different? When was the last time you went to a party and you all through your keys into a bowl? Went was the last time you did something new. And by new I don't mean swapping Devon for Empire Meat.

Break of the shackles of the routine. Throw of the chains of boredom. Pick out a new set of keys. But for heaven's sake, do something different. Take a chance, do a dance or find a new romance. But be different.

You will be happier, and you will be living a better life.

Terry Shadwell

P.S. My keys have a pink bunny on them.

About The Author
Terry Shadwell invites you to learn more about how to create your own wealth online. Through easy to follow steps, you will soon be making more money than you ever though possible. Follow the link to change your life forever http://terryshadwell.blogspot.com

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is driverless car the future of driving?

After a number of innovations based on services and products on the internet, technology giant Google is all set to leap frog into auto market, with a plan to make travelling safer, avoid accidents and reduce the carbon emission.

The company last week revealed its plans, that it is has been working on a secret car project to enable them to drive without a driver. The only accident so far, engineers say, was when one such 'driverless' car was slammed from the back while waiting at a red light.

The car has also logged over 140,000 miles and just drove from our Mountain View campus to our Santa Monica office and on to Hollywood Boulevard., the company said on its official blog site.
The cars use automated video cameras, radar sensors and a laser range finder to "see" other traffic, as well as detailed maps (which we collect using manually driven vehicles) to navigate the road ahead. This is all made possible by Google's data centers, which can process the enormous amounts of information gathered by our cars when mapping their terrain.

The Google says that its motivation is to prevent traffic "prevent traffic accidents, free up people's time and reduce carbon emissions."

According to Sebastian Thurn, Professor of Computer Science and director of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Stanford University, Google has been equipped a number of cars with video cameras, radar sensors and laser range-finders that allow them to sense what is happening around them and to navigate their way to a destination. The routes they have taken have been mapped out first of all by drivers in conventional cars who gather data about each journey, including road markers and traffic signs.

"We've always been optimistic about technology's ability to advance society, which is why we have pushed so hard to improve the capabilities of self-driving cars beyond where they are today," Thrun said on Google's blog.

This project is very much in the experimental stage, it provides a glimpse of what transportation might look like in the future thanks to advanced computer science. And that future is very exciting, Google said.

Google also stresses that their car are never unmanned, a human operator is sitting behind the steering wheels and keeps a constant eye on the state of the software steering the car with the aid of roof-mounted video, radar and laser range-finding sensors.

"Google has already mapped and photographed hundreds of thousands of miles of roads around the world for its Street View service, including road signs and other information which may be useful for its driverless cars." Financial Time said.

The benefits: Self driving cars offer a number of benefits, from no more waiting at the lights, no more road rage, any more pile-ups or traffic jams. The advantages are many. Going forward, the car could slash emissions of carbon and safety campaigners add that by removing human error from daily transport the number of road accidents and fatalities could be greatly reduced.

Challenges: Till date billions of dollars have been spent by various rich economies on driverless car research and development and probably an equal amount of private funding. Only time will tell, how well these cars will succeed.

The search giant says that although the development of the automated cars is very much in the experimental stage, it provides a glimpse of what transportation might look like in the future.

"We've always been optimistic about technology's ability to advance society, which is why we have pushed so hard to improve the capabilities of self-driving cars beyond where they are today," said Thrun. "While this project is very much in the experimental stage, it provides a glimpse of what transportation might look like in the future thanks to advanced computer science. And that future is very exciting."

About the Author
By Anil Das October 17, 2010 3:59 AM EDT

Read more about Driver-less Cars here:

Pictures of Driver-less Cars:

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Secrets Law With Attracting Huge Selection

This has become a a part of what exactly is reviewed in the http://selfhelpecourse.com/using-the-secret-law-of-attraction/. Making views of your wishes and also rendering it a reality. This kind of Law and employ has been utilized simply by extremely celebrities ever, including Beethoven, Thomas edison, Einstein, Davinci and many others. While impossible as well as incredible as it can appear, the idea would confirm the idea did wonders for him or her.

These types of several measures ended up adaptable through Napoloen Hill's guide entitled, "Think along with Expand Abundant."

Help make your goal unique

Take a look at money, you need to possess a specific image or perhaps figure associated with simply how much riches a person may wish to get. A person really don't arranged ambitions which are normal in addition to hazy; your subconscious head simply comes after and also concentrates on people feelings as well as suggestions which can be particular. This is because, in case you placed indistinct ambitions, it would be tough pertaining to your brain to be able to conceptualize on the way to obtain them. By way of example, if you would like become a uniform, state a certain level of the quantity of enormous amounts you should possess, just one, 2, as well as a few zillion.

Place a final target time

If you collection your ambitions, be sure to set the deadline day to every. Why is this so? Should you collection a mission that will not use a timeline, you'd probably most likely possibly be shed soon enough plus simply just know that maybe you are too who are old enough to realize these. The actual due dates may be the impression associated with emergency that may prevent you out of staying poor along with untroubled. One example is, you desired an auto.

"By 04 2011 associated with the coming year, I would really like to own ended up saving sufficient money to purchase a fresh Ford Sport SUV."

It could be best in the event you set a picture of their precise motor vehicle for your divider or maybe place of work dining room table and find out the idea daily. Whenever they you'd like them badly that you'll accomplish anything to possess the item. Although make guaranteed likewise which once you fixed your final target time, you should be realistic also. Really don't placed due dates that has to be extremely hard that you focus on your aims. Stabilize every little thing and all sorts of may get into put.

Figure out how to become nice

In your life, this can be a fact that we can't also have the best of all possible worlds. And here , the phrase lose comes in. If we wish a thing in your everyday living, it's actually impossible that people have it and never have got everything to relinquish, or more consequently surrender. As soon as quitting some thing, this means which "thing" can be so a great deal crucial to an individual. That's the reason why that it is called give up. That will not be a lose in the event that which you are stopping doesn't matter to your account whatsoever.

Prepare as well as understand on!

Often you are apt to have a lot of ideas and also have your time thrown away to make these people but not undertaking these individuals. Programs are usually that you can have a very very clear and specific path in where by you would like to move. Blueprints should even be variable, that means; you ought to be ready to accept modifications and also adjustments at any time one thing comes along the route associated with your programs. Have got a number of program, to select for just about any circumstances you will be up against. Do something! This specific is central to the section of organizing. Often, we obtain thus frightened as well as unsure your plans we please don't have considered trying it in any way. Downfalls are required which is even more a great signal involving advancement. Consequently never be frightened connected with failing, merely make certain you never crash for the same motives again and again and you learn your lessons when.

Write it down as well as rehearse the item

Obtaining the idea in your head continuously and also stating that out loud can help your subconscious head to figure in your targets improved. That may create a dream board the place you will certainly show you the volume of issues in store (goals) as much as your becoming affluent is worried. Motivate yourself in any approaches feasible, find out stuff may elevate your travel toward your goal and also on the way to accomplishing the idea.

This specific is a vital move simply because that it is the actual signifies through which an individual indulge your depths of the mind thoughts as well as recondition yourself to be able to routinely pick actions, feelings along with beliefs which usually propel you in the direction of your goal. The action of repeating your goal has become the essential tips from the secret for you to attracting money. It can be done through looking at your approach out loud, having a dream board, viewing head motion pictures, innovative creation, self hypnosis or maybe every other methods of building a vibrant image of your goal in addition to your system which often motivates you to get steady measures in direction of acquiring.

About The Author
To get more selfhelp classes take a look at www.SelfHelpEcourse.com to know http://selfhelpecourse.com/ , learn about your law with attraction, how to get success, romantic relationship, and also improve your current circumstances.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Maintain Focus with a Personal Organizer

The biggest time problems experienced by business people are interruptions, many of which are self induced.

A study mentioned by Vince Poscente in his book The Age of Speed, involving 36 office workers found, that on average, they spent only 11 minutes of a typical workday focused on a given task before they were interrupted - and once interrupted, it took them nearly half an hour to return to the task, if they did at all. Another study of more than 11,000 office workers revealed that interruptions caused more than 2 hours of lost productivity per day - that's 25% of the workday wasted.

There are many things you can do to ward off external interruptions, such as engage voice mail, turn off your cell phone and close your office door; but there is still the tendency to interrupt ourselves as ideas pop into our heads, or we suddenly remember we forgot to do something or we think of something we have to get someone else to do.

That's when a Personal Organizer comes in handy. First of all it gives us someplace to record things other than our To Do list, and allows us to capture information at the time so we don't forget it. In its simplest form a Personal Organizer is a half-size binder with several forms. These could include note paper, telephone directory pages and others; but here are three of the most useful forms.

Telephone & Visitor's Log

When talking on the telephone, use a Telephone & Visitor's Log to record the person's name and number, the date of the call, a brief summary of the conversation, and any action required as a result of it. Fill it out as you talk on the telephone. The action required section is on the extreme right of the form, where it stands out. When you've completed the action, put an X through it. You could also note the date that action was taken for future reference. A log prevents you from having to rely on your memory, ensures that you remember to get the caller's number in case you have to call back, and provides a permanent record of any promises, prices quoted, or other information that could be of use at a later date. And just as important, it forces you to focus on the call rather than other conversations or noises surrounding you.

Delegation Record

One of the advantages of the Delegation Record is that it eliminates incessant interruptions to yourself and others. While working on a project, and unrelated thoughts pop into our minds, the tendency is to grab for the phone, email, - or even shout to someone across the room. Constant diver?sions such as these make our workday fragmented and inefficient. By jotting the intruding thought onto a Delegation Record or Communication Record for later action, we don't forget it nor does it sidetrack us. Once the current task is completed, you could follow up on those other items that you had thought of during the day.

Meeting Participant's Action Sheet

As a meeting progresses you could use a Meeting Parti?cipant's Action Sheet to summarize the decisions reached, action required, whose responsibility it is to initiate the action, and the date that action is to be completed. With this summary sheet you won't have to delay action until the minutes are issued. You will also be able to spot any errors in the minutes. And if there are no minutes, these notes are a must. The Meeting Participant's Action Sheet will also enable you to keep the meeting on track even when you are not the chairperson. If you find the group skipping to an agenda item before a decision had been reached on a previous item, you could quickly bring it to their attention. So it will help keep everyone focused on the meeting.

You could make up your forms based on your needs and place them in a binder in sections with labeled dividers. Or you could purchase one at an office supply store or online. Personal Organizers are also available at many specialty and time management websites.

About The Author
Harold Taylor's website https://www.taylorintime.com
Harold Taylor has been speaking, writing and conducting training programs on the topic of effective time management for over 30 years. He has written 16 books, including the Canadian bestseller, Making Time Work For You. He has developed over 50 time management products that have sold in 38 countries around the world.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

What About Today?

"Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness."

-James Thurber

Do you wake up each day looking forward to it or do you dread getting through it? Are you re-living the past over and over again or living in fear and anxiety of what the future may bring? Begin to realize that what happened in the past and how and why it happened are merely tools to help build a foundation that will make you stronger in the future.

When you allow yourself to be hostage to dwelling on the past or hostage to thinking fearfully about the future you miss out on all you really have which is right now.

Each day is a new opportunity to get it right or do it better. We all make mistakes and have things happen that we wish didn't. But, unless you let go of what happened and stop worrying about the future you might as well forget about today.

So often people are so consumed about why, what if, if only and how that they miss out on today. Just for today release yourself from the mental prison you're locked in and go out and breathe in the new day. Look around and see this day as a gift. Tear off the ribbons and bows and dive into the "present" and really enjoy it.

The clich-live each day as if it's your last isn't such a bad philosophy especially when you're living each day in only memories and regrets or bogged down by your fears of what's to come.

The real regret is when you are given a new chance to enjoy your life and all you do is waste it away by thinking thoughts that hold you down. No one can control what you think, what you say or what you do, but you.

So decide if you are going to be one of those people who allow the adversities in life to take you down and not get up or if you are going to still have a great life in spite of things happening.

Don't let all of the gifts you've been given and the blessings you have go unnoticed. Starting today, make a list of all the reasons today is a good day and appreciate it. Instead of dwelling on negative, toxic things try dwelling on what's good. Learn to be in the moment and leave the rest behind, it's worth it!

About The Author
Susan Russo is an author and coach whose work has inspired people from all over the world to take back their power! Would you like to empower yourself to do the same? Discover Susan's 7 Keys to unlock your power by picking up your FREE report at: http://www.susanrusso.com

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Detox Your Mind With Hypnosis

Thoughts can be toxic. We tend to think of toxicity in terms of physical symptoms which are experienced as a result of habits; but if you really care to scratch beneath the surface you will realize that toxic habits are almost always the result of toxic thoughts.

Thoughts can be toxic in many different ways. One example of toxic thoughts is that of revisiting the same things over and over again. You can chew over things again and again, but you have to know how best to chew. Another example of toxicity is when you try to not do something; you will usually find that you will want to do it more (think of dieting, or stopping drinking, or stopping smoking); it's like trying to close the lid upon Pandora's Box. Negativity in general is in itself toxic, and then there are limiting toxic self-beliefs such as feelings of worthlessness, weakness, or addictiveness.

If you think you are addicted to something you probably will be, such is the pervasive power of one's mind. The same applies if you feel weak or worthless; you will live within these erroneous and toxic beliefs. Negativity of any description is so toxic that it quite literally drags you down.

I'm sure that everyone would like to be able to walk into a shop and pay a few bucks for a bottle of "anti-toxicity" medicine and know that simply by partaking of two spoonfuls a day you would be cured. Imagine a life free from these toxic thoughts? How great would that be? Imagine how wonderfully light and free you could feel, always optimistic and positive and seeing the good in everything around you.

But we know that this particular medicine does not exist; not in the shops at least and not in the form of medicine which comes in a bottle. These are thoughts which we are dealing with. It's not a cold or a broken bone or something else which has a physical cause and a physical cure. The only way in which you can change your thoughts is to do just that - you have to change your thoughts.

Now you would think that that should be easy, wouldn't you? After all, you know that you are the only person who can control your thoughts; nobody else has control of your mind. But it is ever so easy to forgo your own control of your mind...instinctive and habitual thoughts fight against logical choices and decisions which you make and those deeper rooted thoughts tend to win.

This is why hypnosis is in fact the true "anti-toxic" medicine. With hypnosis you can access your subconscious mind which is the part where those instinctive and habitual thoughts are stored. Simply by listening to a hypnosis mp3 you can detox your thoughts and clear your mind. With hypnosis you can feel a wonderful sense of freedom as you gain control of your own mind once again.

About The Author
Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3s for well-being.
Grab a free hypnosis mp3 from http://www.RoseannaLeaton.com and check out her library of hypnosis mp3 downloads and hypnosis confidence mp3s.

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Hypnopaedia: Does Sleep Programming Really Work?

Hypnopaedia is a study that deals with sleep learning or sleep programming. Although not exactly a new concept, it is only now that the idea is being given a lot of attention and curiosity.

More and more people are looking to hypnopaedia to help them overcome obstacles and improve certain parts of themselves.

Want to know more? Read on!

How Hypnopaedia Came About

Over the years, the sleep programming phenomenon has been steadily popularized by fiction. Looking the term up online will probably lead you to websites on Aldous Huxley's novel 'Brave New World.'

In 1956, however, researchers Charles W. Simon and William H. Emmons thought it to be too ineffective and impractical, so the concept of hypnopaedia was discredited.

Recently though, emerging data and a renewed interest in self-improvement have triggered a new wave of interest in the study. With this new direction, it is now thriving all over the world.

How Safe Is Hypnopaedia?

Sleep learning is one of the safer ways of feeding your subconscious with information. Unlike other techniques that might lead to less than favorable results, hypnopaedia presents no harm to the human mind.

In fact, it's also one of the easiest ways to change the way you think and reinforce information.

How Effective Is Hypnopaedia?

Sleep programming has been known to help ease people into change. It's not some sort of miracle drug that can make anything happen in just one night; but it will gently get you to the place where you want to be.

A lot of people who encountered success in hypnopaedia often used the concept as an accompaniment to real actions. For example, people who want to be fluent in a new language will study regularly in the day and listen to a CD at night. Listening to the CD wouldn't have worked had they not been studying at all; but because they listened to the CD, they have an easier time recalling information.

People who want to lose weight also turn to sleep learning to help them shed pounds. Listening to a CD alone won't make the excess weight go away, but it will give these people ample firepower to make it through the end.

Hypnopaedia is gaining momentum in the field of personal development. While sleep programming does not, as in Huxley's novel, allow you to recite a foreign broadcast the next morning after listening to it all night, it will genuinely help you improve your recall as well as aspects of yourself that need reinforcement.

About The Author
Want to change your life by sleeping? Then Sleep Programming can help! It will boost your confidence and IQ, improve your relationships and career, lose your weight and more... all while you sleep! Read the honest Sleep Programming Review to know the facts at: http://sleepprogramming.org

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

7 Great Tips to Self Improvement

Did you ever think that life could be a whole lot better and more rewarding than what you have right now? Do you want to learn more about the techniques on improving one's self? If yes, then read on.

There are basically 7 easy ways to plan for your self improvement. The following steps will help you achieve self improvement, so be sure to implement them.

Tip # 1 Wake up early in the morning

This first self improvement tip might be very simple and quite obvious to you, but you'll be surprised to know that there are only few who actually spend time and effort to apply it.

Waking up early in the morning is not that hard, if you have discipline in yourself. To be able to do that, you should always have an alarm clock beside you.

You must be fully awake and avoid morning sluggishness. For this purpose, you can exercise, do some stretching and have a cold shower after.

And if you feel that you are fully alert, you can go outside your house and have a view on the sunrise.

This easy but immeasurably fulfilling act will boost spirits and assist you to self improvement.

Tip # 2 Eat your Breakfast

This is enormously the most important thing to do after waking up in the morning. To keep with your self improvement plan, you must have the energy to do the entire task.

You can take bread, cereals, oats, milk or fresh fruits.

Eating breakfast is also a better way to lose weight. Studies prove that those who skip their breakfast have a larger chance of consuming more on the next meal. And, gaining weight won't definitely help in self improvement.

Tip # 3 Always wear a smile

In every place you go, you must always smile and have an eye contact on the people you meet. Curving your lips a bit is just simple. It is worth the smile, each person will give back to you.

This will help boost your spirit, especially when you see more people smile at you.

Tip # 4 Do not delay any of your duties and appointments

The greater you put something else off, the more these things pile up. And these will only pressure you.

The best thing to do is to set a schedule of those important things you need to do. This would also save some of your time.

Tip #5 Have a note or to-do- list

Have a summary of the things you need to do. You can do these after you go to bed, to prepare yourself.

A to-do-list should contain those important and urgent things you need to accomplish by the end of the day.

It will also serve as a reminder to those vital things you usually forget.

Tip # 6 Forgive and Forget

This is definitely one of the best things, we as human could ever done.

If you had a fight with your friend or relatives, and you know that you hurt their feelings, make apology.

Saying "I'm sorry" is the hardest thing to do, but it's the best cure for the person you hurt.

You can show your sincerity by talking to that person. You'll feel a lot better when you know that everything is fine now.

This is by far the most important step in self improvement.

Tip # 7 Take the effort to do something good and kind

Even in an ordinary day, you could buy your friends a flower or a card, just to let them know how special they are.

Don't be shy to let your family, friends and relatives know that you value and love them.

Help teach your niece or neighbor how to write or read, and do "grown up" things.

These are the simple yet valuable things you could do to gain self improvement.

Just remember that self improvement can be greatly achieved by following these simple steps. But this doesn't end here. Life is a work in progress. You can always do more and explore more along the way.

For more information about Self Improvement be sure to follow the link in the resource box below to receive your free home business Cd.

About The Author
FREE! "How To Get Up To 37 Checks Per Month, Earn Upwards Of $4,954.55 While You Sleep At Night, And Recruit WITHOUT Ever Having To Pick Up The Phone" http://www.thenewbizsuccess.com

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Time Management For Success

It's always nice to think that you can just get out of bed each day and do whatever you want, whenever you want. Unfortunately, everyone knows that type of living will never get them anywhere. At best, you'll end up living life day-to-day with no real goals in sight, but only accomplishing the things that you must do in order to get by. Without practicing time management, people will definitely get by, but they won't achieve much.

The key to practicing effective time management is to realize your goals in life. What are the things you want for your life? Do you want more money, a nicer car, a bigger house? Where do you see yourself ten years from now if you continue on the road you are currently on? Most likely, you'll see yourself struggling like you are now, but only because you don't have it together.

Getting organized is often one of the hardest aspects of life, however if you can master it, then you have nothing to worry about. Everyone needs to follow a daily "system" to ensure they accomplish their goals. No one says that your "system" needs to be the exact same everyday. One of the easiest ways to make sure you meet your goals is to start small. Creating a daily to-do list will help you accomplish everything from the smaller goals to the larger ones.

All too often, people fail because they don't believe that their goals can become a reality. They give up on doing things that will lead them there because they are intimidated at how much is involved. The truth is that if you take things slowly (as in day-by-day), you will get there and continue to move at a steady pace.

It's important that you make your daily to-do list a priority. Try not to overload yourself by placing too many things on your list. Start with listing five tasks each day that you must complete, and then move on to listing six, then seven, then eight, all the way up to ten and maybe even fifteen if you think you can handle it. Place small check boxes out beside each task so you can check them once you've completed each one.

Do not expect your day to go exactly as planned. Doing so will only set you up for disappointment. Realize that there will be phone calls, people who need you, people who stop by, etc. Always make time for those things each day, and if you have too much to do, let everyone know that you will be busy.

Creating a daily to-do list along with realizing what your big goals are is a great tool for managing your time and making sure that you become successful. Have your list right beside you when you wake up in the morning. Pick it up and look it over after you've had your coffee, shower, etc. Carry it around with you if it makes it easier. It's crucial that you keep your mind alert and fresh on your goals all day long so you do not get lazy and tempted to quit.

You'll notice a drastic change in your life and the way you feel once you start practicing time management. Best of all, you'll have more time for the things you want to do, after achieving the tasks that you must do.

About The Author
Natalie shares her personal experience overcoming shyness, building self-esteem and making positive changes in your life at Thoughtful-Self-Improvement.com. Learn more tips on time management by visiting her Web site.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Accomplishing Your Success Plan In Life

What is your success plan? Life is a mystery and different people interpret it differently according to how they perceive life to be. Others remain puzzled by the meaning of life and rather than lead a constructive life, spend their time wishing and asking questions such as; what is the essence of life? What is my purpose in life? What is the recipe for success?

I have often heard the saying that, 'lack of planning for success is planning for failure.' To me this is gospel truth. In reality there is no specific recipe for a success plan, as the term is relative but I choose to define success in two terms; purpose and initiative.

Everyone must have a deep longing for something so as to succeed. This desire should not be quenched by anything less but the targeted subject. Individuals should also be self-confident and self-assured of excellence so as to avoid any influence to the contrary. This is because, the environment we live in usually has a shaping effect on your destiny and you must exert control over your life and future to ensure that your success plan is accomplished.

Apart from being purposeful one has to take the initiative to go for the big prize. One should practically go every step of the way towards their desired destination, because any delays and procrastination will automatically mean failure of a success plan. Do not allow nature to take charge and decide the way to go.

Thus if you believe in achievements you must take a positive, voluntary and conscious first step towards fulfilling your dream and success plan. It is worth noting here that success is no ordinary undertaking. If you want it go for it in an extraordinary manner. Put yourself way above your expectations and cross the mediocrity barrier. It is said that those who wash their hands, dine with the kings.

About The Author
Stephen shares his wisdom and experience on Success Plan that will definitely add value to your life. Visit his Inspirational and Motivational Website at: http://onlineselfimprovement.blogspot.com and start living a purposeful life.

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An Unlikely Fish Story

Tom Snaggerstock couldn't sleep.

He tried counting sheep. But after reaching 35,678, without so much as a yawn, he gave up.

It had been 6 months since Agnes broke off their relationship. Not that he missed her.

But darned if he wasn't lonely. He had dated a few times but they were all disasters. Still and all, he never lost faith in the idea that somewhere out there was the right girl for him. He just had to find her.

He looked at the clock. Four in the morning. What an ungodly hour to be wide awake.

There was nothing else to do but get up. And then what' Reading held no appeal. He doubted if early morning television would offer much escape.

And then came the idea. He would go down to the docks. The fishing boats would be coming in. There would be plenty of activity. Perhaps even a fight or two. You never knew about the early morning docks. .

When he arrived the boats had just been unloaded. The night's catch was being sorted into bins and buyers were making their selections.

Then he saw 'her'. He wasn't certain what drew him toward 'her', but the attraction was inescapable.

She wasn't what you would call attractive. I mean, how attractive can a dead fish be? But he knew he had to have 'her''or at least he assumed it was a 'her'. It didn't matter. She was going home with him.

He went over to the burly fisherman who was sorting his catch. 'How much for the big fish over there,' he asked, pointing to 'her'.

'You want just one fish'' the man growled. Tom nodded yes.

'Look, Buster, this ain't no fish shop. You want fish you buy wholesale and you buy in quantity.'

'How many do I have to buy?' Tom asked.

The fisherman looked him up and down. 'I'll make it easy on you, pal. An even dozen. Can't sell any less than that.'

Tom knew this was crazy. He didn't even know what kind of fish they were. And he certainly wasn't going to cook them. But he shrugged and said, 'Okay. One dozen. Be certain to include the big fish.' He pointed to 'her'.

The fisherman shrugged, grabbed 12 fish along with 'her', and wrapped them in a brown wax-like paper. 'That's an even $20.'

Tom knew it was a total rip-off but he wasn't going to ague. He paid the money and left.

When he returned to his apartment, he dumped the fish on the kitchen table. They all looked pretty much alike except for 'her'. For a dead fish she certainly had charisma.

So now what' He could give the extra fish to Mrs. Aberdine on the first floor. She seemed to be always cooking fish. Even her apartment had a permanent fishy smell about it. But what would he do with 'her'. The only logical thing seemed to be to cut 'her' open. Although why that seemed logical escaped him. It was just the thing you did with fish.

Taking a deep breath and a sharp knife, he made the first incision. He continued cutting until she lay completely open. Then he saw the ring.

He hadn't seen one of those things since he was a kid. It was an absolute, genuine, authentic Bat Man decoder ring. And the wheel still worked.

Also in the fish was a plastic capsule with a piece of paper inside. It contained what appeared to be a coded message. He remembered exactly how the ring worked and within a couple of minutes had the message decoded.

The message was obviously a telephone number. Forgetting that it was still early, he dialed the number. A sleepy female voice answered.

Tom almost hung up but said instead, 'I guess I woke you up. I'm sorry. But I just found this Bat Man decoder ring in the belly of a fish along with your telephone number.' Suddenly he realized how stupid that all sounded and wanted to hang up again.

He was ready to apologize when the voice said, 'That's wonderful! Do you know where Barnaby's is on West Seventh?'

Tom said he did.

'Can you meet me there for breakfast at 6:30? I'll explain everything to you. And bring the ring.'

When Tom walked into Barnaby's he saw her immediately. She was beautiful. Long golden hair, a fascinating smile and eyes that blessed him with a welcome. He didn't say a word. Just walked up to the table where she was sitting and put the ring down in front of her.

She smiled at him, picked up the ring, took a chain from her purse, threaded it through the ring and put the chain around her neck.

'I guess you're kind of curious about all this.'

Tom nodded. 'You might say that.'

'Let's have coffee and I'll tell you the whole story.'

Once they were both equipped with mugs, she started in. 'The decoder ring belonged to my older brother. He was killed in a motorcycle accident last year. I found it among his things and decided to wear it on a chain. It sort of made me feel like he was still part of my life. You see, I always worshipped my brother and hoped I would someday find someone just like him.

'Yesterday, I was out on a fishing boat with another of a string of Mr. Wrongs. When I caught this big fish, I suddenly had a really stupid idea. I took off the ring and stuffed it down the fish's mouth. I thought I might kill her but it didn't seem to bother her. Then I took a headache capsule from my purse, dumped out the contents, wrote my telephone number in code on a small piece of paper and added it to the fish's throat. Then I tossed her back in the water.

'I figured if there was really someone out there for me, he would somehow find the ring and know how to work it. Actually, I never really expected to ever see the ring again.'

Tom smiled. 'How about breakfast? Then let's go for a long walk. I think we both have a lot to talk about.'

Success Lesson: True love may have all the appearance of a dead fish'but look on the inside.

' Doug Grant, 2010

About The Author
Doug Grant has been a freelance writer for over 40 years. Here is another of his Funky Success Stories with a success lesson at the end. Enjoy more free funky fun breaks at http://www.funkysuccessstories.com/

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De-Clutter Your Life

Dr. Rick Schaefer, Law of Attraction Expert and Life Coach, offers one of the lessons contained in his new book "Extreme Thought Makeover". His book is collection of daily lessons designed to help people bring more abundance and joy into their lives.

Book Excerpt: Day 10 Detachment

Day 10 - Detachment: Toss Something Out

In order to achieve a feeling of total security and total freedom, it is necessary to let go of our attachment to physical things. Detachment holds the wisdom of uncertainty and possibilities. When you embrace uncertainty, you will find security. When you embrace possibilities, you will find freedom. A simple first step toward detachment is letting go of small physical items. Let's get started!

Today, get rid of one thing. It could be a pair of shoes, a knick-knack, or an old souvenir glass. Just pick one thing and give it away, recycle it, throw it away, or put it in the garage for a future "Give-Away Day" (see below for more on this idea). This physical action is a representation of clearing mental space for clear and creative thinking, and when made habit, can transform the way you interact with your physical and emotional environment profoundly. Think about the stuff you have that clutters your living space. Where to begin? Well, you could start a "five year rule" for clothing, for example. That's an easy one: if you haven't worn it for five years, you will definitely not miss it! Perhaps even a two-year rule? One year? Just because you haven't exercised your throwing-away muscles in a while, doesn't mean you can't start somewhere ? like with a coffee mug from the back of the cupboard. Don't worry that it is in great condition or that you paid good money for it, it is the getting-rid-of energy that will be far more valuable to you, and the value will come back to you many fold.

As your physical space becomes more and more clear, you will find that previously cluttered areas give way to empty space, allowing for a mental shift from the focus of "what is" to the focus of endless possibilities. Your living space will become a blank canvas upon which anything can be created, in any moment.

De-cluttering feels like clearing your stuff, but it is actually clearing your mind. Jumbled, crowded thoughts will give way to clarity and focus. Creative energy will emerge in the space vacuum you have created for it. Your new thinking will have the room it needs to be powerful and inspiring!

A continuation of this exercise for the future is to have a "Give-Away Day." Fill the garage bit by bit with all the stuff you have uncluttered through your new daily attitude of detaching. When it really starts to pile up, call your friends and invite them to come and get all your stuff. They will go crazy and really create a great memory for themselves and for you. Plus, the objects themselves will have a much more useful and vibrant life in their new home.

In detachment lies the wisdom of uncertainty, and in uncertainty lies freedom from our past: from the known. It is also where limitless possibilities are found. Stay open to the possibilities by manifesting an attitude of detachment in your physical environment today.

'Simplicity is the most difficult thing to achieve in this world; it is the last limit of experience and the last effort of genius.

- George Sand'

Dr. Schaefer concluded "there are many simple lessons in the book, and my hope is that many people will find their life becoming more fulfilling, more joyful, and more abundant by doing these lessons."

Dr. Rick is available for personal coaching. For more information on his coaching, or his revolutionary program Extreme Thought Makeover, visit http://www.rickschaefermd.com

About The Author
Dr. Rick Schaefer is the author and can provide additional ways to help you improve and elevate your mood, thoughts and life experiences, in simple yet lasting daily lessons through his revolutionary new program "Extreme Thought Makeover: 37 Days to Maximum Life!" Read about his program at Law of Attraction

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ten Time Management Myths

1. We can manage time. We cannot manage time. Nor can we save it. Time ticks away relentlessly in spite of our efforts to control it. We are provided with 24 hours of time each day to use as we like. The key is in how we use that time. We can use it wisely, or we can waste it, but we can never save it. At the end of the day, it's gone.

2. Time management involves getting more done in less time. Some people may believe that, but effective time management refers to getting done fewer things of greater importance. We cannot possibly do everything we want to do, or all the things there are to do. But if we prioritize what there is to do, and focus on completing the priorities to the exclusion of everything else, we will be more effective.

3. "To do" lists help get things done. "To do" lists do nothing to further a project or task. They simply remind us that they are not done yet. Scheduling time in your planner, as appointments with yourself, to work on the tasks helps get them done. "To do" lists are intentions; scheduled blocks of time are commitments.

4. People need a "Personal Organizer" or other time management system to get organized. People are not organized because they use a time management system, they use a time management system because they are organized. Personal organization involves breaking old habits and forming new, effective ones. It is a state of mind as opposed to a state of the office. Some people are more organized using a 65-cent steno pad than others are using a 65-dollar organizer.

5. A "Quiet Hour" is a great time management tool. A "quiet hour" is a figment of time management writers' imaginations. There is no such thing as a "quiet hour". We can reduce interruptions, but never eliminate them. To be effective we must learn to work in spite of the interruptions. Frequently, interruptions are not time wasters, but opportunities arriving at inopportune times.

6. Keeping a time log to determine where your time is going is the place to start. A time log should be done last, not first. All we need is more paperwork and interruptions when we're already inundated with them! We should get organized first, adopt effective habits, schedule time properly, put into practice time-reducing techniques and procedures, and once we have the time, keep a time log to effect further refinements.

7. The biggest time wasters include telephone interruptions, visitors, meetings and rush jobs. These are not time wasters, they are time obligations -- they come with the job. The biggest time wasters are self-imposed, such as procrastination, making mental notes, interrupting ourselves, searching for things, perfectionism, and spending time on trivial tasks. We are our own worst enemies. Being effective involves managing ourselves, not placing the blame on others.

8. It's more efficient to stick to one task until it's completed. It may be more efficient, but it's not more effective, for seldom will you have time to finish it. It's more effective to break large projects into small one or two-hour chunks and work at them for a brief period each day. Working on priorities involves frequent brief sprints, not occasional marathons.

9. We should have one planner for the office, and a separate planner for the home. We should have one planner, period. We are only one person, sharing our lives with people and activities at work, at home, at school, etc. Since we only have one life, we should only have one planner. Both business and personal activities should be scheduled in the same planner so business activities don't take precedence over personal and family activities. Sometimes in a business environment this may be difficult without duplicating or hot synching with a handheld, but it is worth the effort.

10. Time is money. Time is more than money; it is life. You can always get more money, but you can never get more time. It's an irreplaceable resource. When time's gone, you're gone.

About The Author
Author's website https://www.taylorintime.com
Harold Taylor has been speaking, writing and conducting training programs on the topic of effective time management for over 30 years. He has written 16 books, including the Canadian bestseller, Making Time Work For You. He has developed over 50 time management products that have sold in 38 countries around the world.

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Monday, November 08, 2010

Improve Your Communication Skills

People practice endlessly their verbal and non-verbal communication skills. They learn proper sentence structures and new words daily. They go through the non-verbal actions, observing their facial expressions and body movements. It doesn't matter what is being said as long as their movements are properly orchestrated. This attitude may backfire. Your movements and responses reflect the amount of awareness you gave to the ongoing conversation.

If you don't listen attentively, you may be saying asinine comments or your body movements might not be appropriate to the subject matter. For example, if people were showing remorse for the lives lost in a war, it would not be proper to smile or act smug. Proper attitudes and brilliant remarks can be achieved by listening well to the discussions.

Here are some tips to help improve your listening prowess.

Start listening and not hearing

You can hear people talking but until you learn to listen, you will not understand what is being discussed. Listening involves focusing your attention to the speakers, understanding what they are saying and responding appropriately at the right time. There are times the subject matter may be boring to you. However, the speaker may be enthusiastically interested on the topic. You should pay attention to them out of courtesy if not for anything else. Try to find a way to excuse yourself later but for the meantime, listen well and be attentive.

Aside from verbal communication

Make sure that your actions reflect your undivided attention to the speaker. It would be rude if you start looking around or doing other things while the person is talking to you. Non-verbal communication can bring home the message more effectively than talking. Be careful of your actions and avoid distractions.

If you have pending appointments

Explain to the person why you need to cut short the conversation and set another time and place to continue the discussions. If the person feels an urgency regarding the matter and insists on talking, try to get to the gist of the matter and possibly provide some suggestions which may help the person. Mention that you'll think of other options which you can discuss with him at a later time. Don't suggest a date or time too far in the future.

Don't presume what the person will say and cut them off

Let them speak. Don't argue with them. Each person should be allowed to voice their thoughts and opinions. Be objective and professional. Explain to the person whether your comments are based on fact or speculations. Sometimes arguments ensue based on hearsay or suppositions and this can lead to destructive conversations and endanger any harmonious relationship you may have with the other persons.

After having listened to the person

Reiterate what was said to make sure that it was understood correctly. Seek clarifications on vague statements. If you are not familiar with the subject matter, tell them at the soonest possible time without rudely interrupting them. Everyone will appreciate your candor. A good listener greatly helps in becoming a good communicator.

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Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Everyone in the world is born with natural instincts for survival. This is a phenomenon not just limited to man. It is also natural with animals. Many people are at a loss of how to succeed in life. They imagine they only need to work hard to make it.

In fact men has had many beliefs concerning what controls success, with many such beliefs bordering on superstition. However, there are principles that lead to success and these are the focus of the article.

One of the major determinants of success is what you, as a person believes about your ability to succeed. Research studies conducted on determinants of success based on the lives of more than 100 business people shows that success comes about through believing that you have what it takes.

People who have succeeded in business; athletics and any other mission in life have all believed that they can do it. They have refused to believe that it is impossible to achieve their dreams. In the face of multiple failures, they have soldiered on. As a result of their resolve and determination not to give up, they are rewarded with success. They say that fortune favors the brave.

No man is an island. You cannot succeed in life without the cooperation of others. In fact, in life the principle of give and take plays an important role in the functionality of the human being. This is because on your own, you do not possess self-sustaining resources to meet the varied challenges of life. Therefore, you need the support of your friends and neighbors to succeed.

Do well to others and in turn, good will be done to you. Somehow, things will start to work in your favor. Doors that seemed permanently locked will suddenly open on their own volition as you approach them. The goodwill you have created with your fellow man suddenly starts to pay dividends and success comes knocking at your door.

It is of vital importance that you live a life of integrity. How else can people know you are reliable? You have to say what you mean and mean what you say. People who have made up their minds to have integrity as one of the hallmarks of their character will succeed in their endeavors. History has already proven this to us countless times, a great example being Mother Teresa who lived a life of integrity and generosity and achieved so much.

In life, you will go through difficulties. Indeed others have referred to life as being a journey full of mountains and valleys. There are many challenges that you as a human being will go through. However, it is important that you have the ability to face them courageously. You should also know when to pursue a certain course of action and when to change course. You may be pursuing a certain line of business that you really believe in. However, no matter what you may be doing, success has proved to be elusive. This is the time to sit back and evaluate the prevailing circumstances. It could be an opportunity to start something different that may be more rewarding.

The presence of persistent difficulties does not mean that you should give up. History has however proven to us that sometimes misfortunes in life have actually been the same door that led to success. Many do not recognize this, for many times opportunity comes disguised as misfortune.

For you to succeed you must maintain focus on your stated goals. You must determine your course of action and devise strategies that will lead you to achieve that which you have decided to do. Failure is a guarantee for everyone who does not maintain proper attention to the plan at hand. A lack of focus leads to wastage of resources.

Humility is an invaluable quality in your quest to succeed. Pride and arrogance have a way of ensuring that you do not succeed. Humility will attract resources to your camp that albeit would not be available.

Finally, in life how can you succeed without having a purpose? Having a purpose in life gives you the impetus to march on in the face of mounting challenges because you know where you are going.

I hope you found some motivation from the above principles and that you will put them into practice in your own lives, you have nothing to lose.

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Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Secrets To Achieving A Well Trained Mind

There are quite number of ways in which an individual can attain a well trained mind, it is however quite important to understand the attributes of a well trained mind visa vie a normal mind. One should also understand that training of one's mind may open diverse capabilities in affecting success in an individual's course of life. The mind is a complicated state of mind which cannot be fully understood or exhausted even by the most detailed scientist. In fact some of the best done brain and mind research report that an individual utilizes less than 30 percent of their total brain capacity, such factual statements are proves of the complexities involved in unveiling total functions and states of the mind. However, research stipulates that one can actually train their mind to achieve certain lifestyle qualities. Well trained minds master specific acts which are effective in delivering desired results. There are quite a number of ways in which an individual can attain mind training; some of the most known therapies involve the use of drugs. However some of this drugs influence drug addiction tendencies especially when misused.

Addiction and other mental illness are the primary reasons as to why most people indulge in mind training session. Improved acts of law of attraction in one's minds are notable acts of self improvements. The most sought after mind therapy is technology, law of attraction aids products are the most efficient forms of achieving a well trained mind. These techniques takes advantage of the brain means to function research done while developing these techniques takes advantage of the brains ability to utilize wave frequencies to perform duties. Each and every form of law of attraction aids product has embedded messages which are induced into the subconscious mind through listening to sounds or viewing images. It is very important to understand that the conscious mind does not in anyway participate in this process since it neither understands these embedded messages.

The introduction of varying encoded wave frequencies into the mind through different media forms is the primary source of subconscious learning. The consistent introduction of these messages affects a change in thought patterns which is beneficial in creating or developing new behaviors. It is very important for an individual to have full information on the kind of therapy they wish to affect, law of attraction products come in various forms and packed in specific packages. For instance an individual interested in performing anti procrastination acts will be recommended to purchase law of attraction procrastination aids to curb the vice.

However, it is very important to understand that the mind is made to function and act without any form of external aids whatsoever. There is more power to law of attraction in performing self development acts than any other kind of therapy or aid available, achieving a well trained mind can be as easy as effecting positive thinking in anything an individual does. Utilizing acts of law of attractions can open up untapped possibilities in an individual's life.

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Quantum Physics And The Law Of Attraction: What's The Connection?

You might ask yourself, what does quantum physics and the law of attraction have in common? How are these two concepts even related at all' At first, I was as confused as you are. However, I soon learned that these two matters are more than just related, they're inseparable.

Read on to find out more about quantum physics and the law of attraction.

It's All About Energy.

The law of attraction states that everything is governed by energy. Our thoughts, emotions and actions are all considered manifestations of energy.

Quantum physics is no different. It is the study of indivisible units of energy called quanta. It was first conceptualized by a man named Max Planck and was later on developed by many other physicists including Albert Einstein.

One Action Affects Physical Processes.

So quantum physics and the law of attraction both deal with energy. What else do they have in common' Now this is where things get a little strange. I admit I was also very surprised when I first learned about it.

The law of attraction works when we make a conscious effort to change the way we feel, think and act. When we want to attract a raise, for example, we imagine ourselves already enjoying that raise and buying all sorts of things with our increased salary. Such a simple move already changes our fate.

The same could be said of quantum physics. According to studies, mere observance of something can affect an outcome.

A Million Different Probabilities

Here's another connection between quantum physics and the law of attraction. According to the law of attraction, nothing is impossible. The universe does not choose who gets to fulfill their wish and who doesn't. You could be single for another year or meet your soul mate when you turn the next corner!

Quantum physics believes in a series of probabilities as well. Using the same example, you can be both single and in a relationship in the world of quantum physics. Until a measurement (or in this case, a confirmation) is made, you can be both.

Another interpretation of quantum physics is that there are many worlds where many, different versions of yourself exist. In this world, you can be single. In another, you can be married with five children.

Quantum physics and the law of attraction are both very fascinating subjects. Somewhere, somehow they meet in the middle. At first, the law of attraction sounds too good to be true (and most people still hang on to that belief), but it's actually quite an inherent principle.

Just like the law of attraction, the world of quantum physics works in an out-of-the-world way compared to our familiar reality but it exists.

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